Tuesday, October 31, 2006

who the fuck is TM kidding ?

i'm not sure whether TM advertised this on local papers, cause i got this off from Forbes magazine.

if you click on the picture, you'll see a larger and clearer picture.

the caption ?

"one company is making a world of difference in the lives of over 1.8 billion people"

"TM-the emerging leader in asian communications"

making a world of difference ? yes TM got that right smack correct, shocking the world with its shitmyx reliability and shit fast speed.

emerging leader ? i though singtel was no 1 all the while, where did TM get this idea of being asian no. 1.

oops silly me, i cant compare shitmyx with what TM sells outside malaysia.

just like its other big brothers proton & mas.

proton is selling triple layer tin cans in england and with leather sits, cd player, sun roof & sport rims at not premium price.

while mas claim to have won numerous airline awards around the world while making shitty losses.

which reminds me of this forbes article on the same issue. with this remark from a judge

"you got a bottom-decimal performer and a company paying top-decimal wages."

welcome to malaysia.


Yatz said...

so the big'uns are saving the goodies for international market instead of local huh..interesting..let's go for international brands like singtel or vodafone and all..wtf..

Yodaddy said...

No 1 in Asia should be Korean broadband provider...not singtel...but still when comparing Streamyx and singtel, it is difficult not to assume that singtel is the fastest because they are at least 8-10 times our speed.

TM making world of difference to over 1.8 billion people.... BIG FUCKING DEAL....

We dont see AIDS or Lung cancer advertising how many lives they have fucked up (at least 2 or 3 billion),

We dont see American say they drop 50 to 60 billion dollars worth of bomb on Afgan,

But yet TM feels the need to show their vainess by telling everyone they manage to PISS OFF over 1.8 billion people..Which is not true..They actually merely pisses off 28 million people...i dont think they have very large overseas market...and they are definitely not a monopoly in other countries...So lets change their vanity line to...


About proton and mas....they are all failures...

the only Malaysian ¨world class¨ company is Petronas. That also because there is little technical skill needed to sell fuels. Something like all they need to do is to lay back, spread their legs and sell their goods.

ducky said...

so it is obvious that TM cannot advertise such shit in local papers, cause most ppl will practically spit on it.

yes yoda, that is why they put it as emerging, instead of one of the leader, cause if tak jadi, bungkus lah. i think its a joint venture with some foreign company, too lazy to google for it. i read in jeff sometime ago TM is experimenting with 10Mb broadband or something like that.