Monday, October 02, 2006

is csi for real ?

if you notice one thing about csi, they seems to be very concern abt the dead more than the alive.

just on a hunch of being a murder suspect, they drag you in and perform test on you. talk abt being fair.

the fact that the dead person was an arse-hole or a sosial nuisance is not consider. the cantoenese term "tai sei" is also not applicable, i guess a csi sees a drunk husband that beats the children and the wife is not encourage, but the moment wife out of anger and frustration of all the beatings she received, decided to pull out a magnum 44 and blow the mother fucker to kingdom come is just blardy murder.

how do you justify that ? huh csi ? must it always be everyone deserve a chance ? and murder is not an answer ? fuck csi, the social shit or a sampah masyarakat that is a nuisance and creates all sorts of social problem if eradicate should be applause, but csi sees it as muder.

how about a cop killer ? or worse still a family killer. imagine this crazy lunatic, comes into your home, pull out a shot gun and start firing away, killing every member of your family, somehow you manage to live out of whatever grace there is left in this world. since a lunatic person cannot actually be sentence to prison as they are not mentally stable, so they might serve in the mental institution whether they are pretending or not. so you are not happy, decided to pay this guy a visit, took out a parang while he is sleeping and hack him into 30 pieces. lunatic dead, you're charge with murder and you go to prison.

how fair is that ?

maybe all that csi horseshit is just entertainment, but i wouldnt know.

but the only quote i remember and liked was from csi miami, when horatio said "hidden for us to find". this is really like the chinese saying "cah tow"

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ah pek said...

but that's all to it. horseshit entertainment to make my nights more entertaining.