Friday, September 29, 2006

the raya month friday posting

there is only 2 thing that the raya month is good for.

1. the buka puasa food
2. the holiday.

other than that, it is all downhill.

1. gamen staff are now extra lazy, thus slow working and hot tempered (bcoz they are hungry of course)
2. not only are their work slow, they go back earlier too. so friday is practically like a fucking 1/2 day.
3. come raya, all gamen office are practically empty, skeleton crew. you got emergency documents to lodge with them, might as well go fuck yourself.
4. the fucking damn fucking loud meriam buluh. so fucking loud that my windows actually vibrate.
5. my office boy walks slower than a tortoise now.
6. the courier company, pick-up times becomes much much early like 2pm-3pm. thats is like just after lunch.
7. the pdrm are now having extra extra road blocks for whatever reasons they can come out with to make extra duit raya, so now i buckle up even just for a 2km drive.
8. apparently some schools closed their canteen, when the non-muslim population are only a minority. ok, very subjective, as malaysian biz are always about receiving and never giving. but how much does it take to feed 100 school children ?
9. traffic is extra heavy abt 1 hour before buka puasa time.

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angel said...

10. Traffic is clear after 7pm.
11. Makan places/food court/canteen not so crowded during lunch time.