Tuesday, September 26, 2006

do malaysians have phobia ?

i think phobia is a orang putih sickness.

i think it is most normal for orang putih to have phobia, but less normal for us (asians)/malaysian, i think. i believe most malaysian would agree. of course you cannot compare to eating a lipas. as that is more of a personal preference than phobia.

i mean if you are afraid of the dark, Achluophobia, our parents will damn whack kau you or lock you up in the toilet and off the lights, until your eyes are so acustom to the darkness that it shines like riddick. fear no more.

and if you have fear in flying (Aviophobia or Aviatophobia) which is not going to make much difference, as most malaysian dont fly, until no thanks to air asia now, everyone can fucking fly now.

and recently apparent, i read it somewhere, schools in the states dont allow peanut butter sandwich anyore. reason being, some kids are allergic to peanuts from being kept in a toooooo clean environment ! ok this is alergic not phobia, not related.

for any damn phobia, an asian parent will slap/kick/punch/whack kau/threathen/ until the child is totally free from any phobia, this save the parents money from sending them to theraphy.

the only phobia malaysian kids will have will be the fear of rotan, as the parent got rid of all the other fear by using the almighty rotan.

but i cant say for sure kids nowadays, spoilt and pampered.



angel said...

so, do u use rotan on your kids?

Anonymous said...

my phobia = marriage. :-P

WTJ said...

haha.. this is so true and funny...

Inevitable said...

me - scare no enough money to spend - moneynoenoughpia...

ducky said...

of course i do silly.


you are most welcome

this one googled tak jadi, so google not that powerful after all.