Thursday, September 14, 2006

pak lah wake the fuck up !

Question to the person that is running the country at the moment, as whether it is Pak Lah, his son in law or even maybe still the old for all we know.

Where the fuck is the country heading towards ?

I think our country is really fucked right now. We are no where near the Singapore republic, Thailand attracts more foreign investment than before we can even say selamat datang. Vietnam is opening its economic doors, soon enough it will another China. That about leaves us with the Philiphines and Indonesia, what a fucking bench mark. Maybe even Myanmar or Laos.

As you all know, Malaysia benchmark is one that compares with a weaker nation not a superior one. I believe both Taiwan and South Korea started their developing country about the same time as we did, look where they are now ? light years ahead.

Our LRTs which only appear in the late 90s, which Singapore has been using since early 80s, connect to practically no where. A useful transportation that reduce traffic congestion, that is somehow built conveniently along the path where the majority malays lives or where nobody lives at all. Outside my house window I can see 3 different track, lrt, ktm & klia/central. Which dickhead thought of this ???

As most developing nation concern itself of how to become a fully develop nation, Malaysia on the other hand pride itself for retaining a loss national carrier, a poor quality car, retaining its bumiputra status, an Islamic nation, an Islamic protector, welcome doors to millions of muslim buruh kasar from indonesia and filipina that creates problems, get the fuck out policy for non-muslim professional white collar workers that contribute taxes to the country and everything under the sun that does not contribute to the nation building of the country. Even if so, it is only for the main cause of gaining more power and money for the selected few.

As the years go by, I do not see my future in this country at all, it is and will forever be a malay land, which only has interest in promoting itself through only a few thousand handful of them. Why be a second hand citizen in your own country when you can do it elsewhere.

I know everything look fine and dandy right now, but I doubt it will last, as our leaders has no intention to move forward as they are afraid of losing what they have gain through all those long years. It has always been about them and it will continue to be about them.

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