Thursday, September 07, 2006

lets beat the traffic lights, its only Rm50 for kicks !

The very reason why traffic summons are to be high is to deter ppl from breaking them. Unless of course you are bolehland vip & vvip. Then it don’t mean squat. High traffic summons are there because our country has a rather quite high mortality rate involving traffic accidents annually. And this rates jump up quite significantly especially during those hari raya & cny festival.

Lowering traffic summons with or without consulting the transport ministry is irrelevant as because it has to be the dumbest idea these policy makers has ever come out with. With the excuse of reducing the rakyat burdens is even worst than lowering the traffic summons alone.

From tax point of view, fines and penalties are non deductable items as plainly explain in any tax reference book, expenses paid for breaking the law cannot be a dedutable item. This is very clear and easily understood.

So from how I understand this reducing the rakyat burdens is to encourage the ppl to commit more traffic offense, which in the first place is already being done without any punishment (double parking, illegal parking, overtaking on corners/double lines, illegal car modification, etc). and to curb bribe offering among the traffic offenders ? come on lah it will just be a simple mathematical recalculation, for what a Rm50 can do, now will be reduce to either Rm10-Rm30.

If there is any reduction, then it should be just to clear off outstanding summonses by 50-70% just like what those Mp got.

Actually present rates are quite low if you ask me, to deter traffic offenders, try increasing the present traffic summons from Rm300 to Rm1,000 at least. Then that make sense. To curb briberies ? installation of video camera on the dash board of all traffic police cars. Ya lah I know dream on. A waste of more of the rakyat money.


Eugene said...

As far as i remember, fine for breaking the traffic light is RM 150, please correct me if i am wrong.

ducky said...

sorry eugene, i was just trying to make a point, but now there's a gag order, so you'll have to pay the old rates again.

Anonymous said...

The government also approved a lot of money to 'upgrade' the police force with new 'cars'.

What an excellent way to dispose of unsold Proton stocks using tax payer's money to the police.

Yodaddy said...

Ah ha!! now it all makes sense!! they want to give discount because after they upgrade their proton, they would not be able to catch too many resolute traffic offendor.

Imagine if some traffic offendor use H/P while driving, when suddenly Mr policemen in their spanking new proton starts to blare the siren....then the siren gets softer and softer(proton batteries), then they start to honk....when the cheapo horn refuse to sound....then they try to get close enough to make audio contact when.....the windows refuse to come down...and thats only for the first one hundred metre before the offending car/bus/lorry lays the hammer down and let the traffic pigs eat dust.