Friday, September 08, 2006

i also want to be a MP lah

If financial instruments officers were caught mishandling the company’s money they go to jail as this is a serious crime.

But what happen when state level officers miss-uses funds specially allocated for the poor ?

Nothing. Nobody goes to jail or prison.

If the Securities Commission realized that your Company shares are in a suspicious state they haul you up to the SC and begin questioning you, together with a present of a policeman maybe. After that maybe the Bursa might even call you up to explain of the suspiciousness of your Company’s shares.

But what happen when a GLC does all of the above ?

Nothing. You can even have some senior SC or FIC or the PM to say, it is OK, as it is done for the good of the rakyat.

If you have unsettle traffic summons you will not be able to renew your driving license and road tax.

But what happen when a MP has unsettled traffic summons for years ?

Nothing, driving license and road tax got renewed as well. No policeman came knocking at their doors and they didn’t get handcuff and they didn’t even need to appear before the court.

If you joined in a protest of some sorts with the present of FRU, and you try to break the FRU line, chances you be having a bleeding head or broken back.

But if you are the son of a certain leader, then you can push the FRU as hard as you like, so that they can leave a small little gap for you to crawl through. Broken bones and bleeding head ? No of course the FRU like to be serving in vladisvostok for the rest of his life.

come next election, i think i would like to contest under the MCA seat in Taiping. Can ah ?


Yodaddy said...

MP in the opposition does not get all the above and moreover they might even be made to go to kamunting....

But then again...taiping got majority of chinese or malay?? If got majority chinese you think they vote for MCA or not?? you vote MCA?? no right.....if you wanna stand as MCA candidate, look for malay majority they always have...

Anonymous said...

No need to contest lah, maybe can be like KJ, no official position also can do wonders in the parliment.

Pak lah got another daughter or not ? Or a niece ?

Inevitable said...

oi brother, mana you?