Friday, September 15, 2006

Pak lah oh pak lah

Rm20 million state of the art security surveylance equipment and personnel for the Pm ? what the shit for ? who the fuck want to waste any fund just to waste this guy ? I think it must be for a Jacuzzi or swimming pool with waves and bubbles, or maybe a bowling alley or miniature golf setup. Or I know paint ball. Maybe state of the art computer to spy on all us bloggers. Better still steam and sauna room, complete with towel girls. Or is it some covert operation happening in Malaysia by the usa or some terrorist group we are not being told of.

I think the post of umno youth president and deputy seems to be the best position in this country. You can insult others, but others cannot do the same. For once I thought the Mca dudes are starting to grow some balls, but its just marbles I guess, the actual testicles are still being harvest. strawman argument by hishammuddin ?

You read that blog with his deep malay wording addressed to the king asking him to sack pak lah ? that’s some deep shit huh ? he must be interested in some free lodging in kamunting or sg buluh.

what the fuck are you doing pak lah ? wake up lah ? you have been sleeping for far too long. wake up and smell the shit. i think it is already knee deep. if you wait any longer, you'll be swimming in a pool of shit and spitting and swallowing shit as well.

please clean up your shit.

ok quick poll, if pak lah cannot do the job, who can ?

i vote for that cunning, sly and arrogant dentist, khir toyo.

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