Friday, September 01, 2006

we dont want a new gamen, we just want them to be responsible.

this past few days the pps has been full of posting on merdeka, both for and against why there is a need to celebrate.

but surprisingly there seems to be more bloggers welcoming the merdeka celebration than those who felt there is nothing much to shout about after 49 years of independence.

some of felt that under the colonial rule, we might be better off, which i would agree. but i doubt our malay brethens who benefit much from it. which we wont go further into.

since there is much sentiment to celebrate another year of independence especially from the blogsphere, i realised as much as we F the gamen, somehow there is a level of acceptance by most ppl, that the present gamen is not really bad.

i dont think we want a revolution to bring down the current gamen. i dont think we want another may 13 incident and i dont think we wanted colonial rule as well.

yes malaysia gamen is corrupted, but which nation is not, maybe those scandinavian countries are not, but most nations have some level of corruption, but the only difference is the level of corruption and the acceptance level by the rakyat.

malaysia is not as corrupt as lets say, philipines, or indonesia or india or china or say south america, ok maybe we should be comparing against better developing countries. but maybe there is a need of some level of corruption to keep a balance of some sort.

i dont think we are asking for 0 corruption in this country. i think what we want is some level of accountability and responsiblity by the authorities. to admit their mistake when they have done it and to seek the rakyat for forgiveness. to be transparent in implementing project rakyat which the rakyat can gain full benefits from such development. not ample of white elephant projects which only benefitting those that construct it and the usage is irrelevant like all those rakan muda complexes.

i dont think the rakyat are asking alot. i put in more than a months work to be pay for a month salary, why cant the authorities do the same ? i am not rich nor am i poor. i am at the level where changes in gamen planning affects me one way of another. there are many of us in the same situation. maybe if the authorities were to be in our position at the receiving end, then they would understanding why we rant a lot of anti gamen sentiment. not because we like but it is affecting our livelihood and our family.

i have a merdeka wish, i wish that the ppl in power of the gamen, look back at them self when they were kids and all those fond and sweet memories of their kampung and school life before they start implementing new policies and developments for the nations.


Ah Pek said...

Now that was a very constructive and sensible post. Agree with you 101%

Inevitable said...

Bro, I've tagged you!

vincent said...

this is the first sensible post i have read in this blog.

you make me feel that i made a difference.

Anonymous said...

claps claps for ducky, u managed to make vincent proud & happy...HA HA!

anyway, ducky do u rmbr we was discussing, hypotetically wat if we were still british rulings? Vincent had called us 'kurang ajar' for tat in his blog...i was just pointing out the privileges enjoyed by the hongkees but i dun wanna explain more except well wat more can i said except tat vincent is the psycho

Anonymous said...

lets wait for vincent's name calling..dunno wat he gonna called anonymous commenter, dickhead or oxymoron i wonder..haha

i dun eat & wont eat curry, i dunno if vincent gonna called me racist or not, man, tis vincent is just scary to the brink!

ducky said...

the first thing yoda did when he saw the post was to call me and tell me that my site has been hacked. because today is friday and this post is very un-friday like.

cant blamed him caused someone has used vincent username and password to comment in ducky without any name callings.

shadowfox must have thought i was a little drunk when i wrote this.

the truth is i saw this movie the day before, it was called "the lost city" it was about the struggle of a family before and after the cuba revolution when President Fulgencio Batista was overthrown by fidel castro and Che Guevara.

Though cuba became better, a communist state, not everyone likes it.

So this got me thinking, what if after all the struggle that we go through one day, the new gamen cannot perform as well as the previous and things got worst than it started, then haven’t we really fuck our self up for good ?

Anonymous said...

ducky, vincent must have rub his hands in glee for successfully educating u, as the sound of his big ego comment you make me feel that i made a difference

and next, his unwelcome lurking into tis blog and jump the gun by fucken blow up our discussion 3x in size and make big hooha on his blog not 2 mention calling us 'kurang ajar' konon he is 'lebih ajar' lor, wat u think ducky? if this is not psycho, pathetic & simply paranoid i dunno wat it is....

ducky, seemed ur blog have been blog-policed (unwelcome eavesdrop) ler, the same style emulated from his mentor, minishorts lor

Anonymous said...

Yea dude what were you on ? Better not give me that stuff you're taking man. hehehehe.

Anyway, regarding v-boy's post, seems he need to wear glasses before spouting that 'kurang ajar' crap.

His definition of patriotism is probably to prevent any discussions or criticisms of the country and government whereas for other types of patriots, they see it necessary to criticize, debate and stimulate the reader to think about things properly and to cherish our independence.

Too bad v-boy here thinks it is insulting to talk about British rule of Malaysia what-if situations. Mr Chen did chide the little boy at monsterblog for this pathetic excuses. *LOL*

I guess V-boy now have to rely on big momma MiniShorts to come to his defense again.

Damn it must be embarassing to always have a chick bail you out everytime you screw up some place. It is utterly humiliating man I tell you.

Fight your own wars man, don't always get big momma to come rescue you.

the-hongkee-commenter said...

vincent, i know ur lurking here, and if ur blog posts is meant for me, den let me go ask my mom if i am kurang ajar and tells u lah

if u wanna know my mom reply, my curse on ur hamkachan will comes true, alrite u bloody child prodigist!!!!

Cheneille said...

ahem. it's MS Chen. =)

but i think this post really hit the spot. we have our gripes about how certain things work with the government, but generally we're not that unhappy as Malaysians.

must be the food lah, best pacifiers ever.

the-hongkee-commenter said...

I would like to add that even i cited hongkong as example but m'sia can NEVER ever enjoy the privileges as the hongkees from the british becoz m'sia only has 30% chinese ppls while hongkong are 100% chinese country and chinese worked very hard themselves the british only adores and liked chinese very much!

even IF m'sian was given those privileges as the hongkees, it wld proberly b confiscated since 9/11 incidents as we all know the consensus of the white mans on the muslum nations said by ducky b4, chinese have always been level headed ppls and dun get involved in affairs and hence we chinese have got the respectable reputations amongst the world nations!!

Yodaddy said...

what in mount olympus name were you thinking when you wrote this?

about the cuba was unfortunate that they did the "unpopular" thing back then. Being a communist so close to USA is something that would not help. Unfortunate that you used the argument of "better the devil that you know.." without realising it.

just imagine...if you are the boss of a Co., you have a shitty staff, would you just fire his/her ass or would you sit back and pat your self in the back for preventing an even worse son of a bitch from working for you in the event you fired the shitty staff?

They have been far too long in power and they have far too many cronies and far too much corruption to make them able to govern the country cleanly. To be sure, the next gov to come along would have the same policy as the current one. But being less corrupt would make a hell of a difference.