Wednesday, August 30, 2006

is that too much to ask for ?

things must be really bad

petronas has 2 advertisement on tv prior to merdeka. i have not seen tenaga or telekom or other blue chips company's merdeka advert. times are bad ?

most of the dbkl flats have large giant flag been hoisted or stretchfrom one side to the other. but the only thing missing are those tiny flags on cars and bikes. gamen not given free flags this year ?

ever wonder why school holidays are always short of a week before merdeka, i guess its obvious that if merdeka were to coincide with the school holidays, most ppl will be on holiday somewhere other than celebrating merdeka in homeland.

rumours has it, passport will be more expensive after the budget this friday, something like Rm300-Rm500 and Rm600-Rm1,000. thats like a 67% increase. so a normal family like mine to go out of the country will cost me extra Rm2k.

why is it so important to promote local holiday ? we've been to local holiday, its the same every where, traffic jam and rubbish every where. why must out of the country holiday be limited to those that can affort any more. or is it a way to curb air asia cheap fares ? or is it our gamen do not want us to see how advance our neighbours have become. and by the way, june/july/aug the country already has a large influx of middle east tourist.

we want to see ice there is none in malaysia, we want to see historical sites there is very little left in the country. we want to see different culture, eat different food, we want to expand our thinking and broaden our horizon. we just want to experience something different. we want to experience changes which our present gamen do not agree to as it does not benefit them.

is that so much to ask for ?

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Inevitable said...

Don't fark first.
Wait for the official announcement on Friday. Then fark kau kau!

Btw, Happy National Day... whatever