Thursday, August 24, 2006


DISCLAIMER : In the spirit of Merdeka, in which i traditionally celebrate it by observing the whole month preceeding it like April´s fool day, (i dont want to eat kali peng) i give you the following post....

After the world cup predictions, lets look at Budget 2007 predictions and probable reasons as well as the ¨beneficiaries¨:

1) Personal relief will be increased by another 2k
Reason: to reduce the general feeling of pissed-off ness of the rakyat
Beneficiaries : BN. Because the person with the income level of between RM 3 to 4k per month will be less pissed off.

2) Reintroduction of GST
Reason: To increase the cost of bribe and therefore hope to lower corruption(hehe). To make it more attractive for youngsters to opt to work in customs instead of police. Windfall every 2 months.
Beneficiaries : Customs department

3) Lower the tax of petroleum product
Reason: Reduce govt subsidy of petrol.
Beneficiaries : Santa Cruz Operation Microsoft Inc.

Three only so far. Will get more during the run up to the Budget. Although i am not remotely even well versed in Tax(ducky is but he is laying low for the moment), i would like to think that i can make some accurate guess as to the content of the budget. The secret of me being able to do this is that i observe.

I observe the changing of equities/policies/contracts in companies with Xtreme networking as well as trying to figure out Da Vinci Code-like clues from those policy makers. Example:

Da Vinci Code-like clues is when Bank Negara did not increase their intervention rate when the petrol price increase. (I actually missed this one. Damnit.)

Xtreme Networking ones are like when ECM libra shares kena sapu.....or when BCB eats up Southern Bank...

Finally remember my disclaimer before this post and dont come looking for me if this spoils your rice bowl ok.

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