Thursday, August 17, 2006

my lunch is sacred, so dont bother me !

since tomorrow is going to be friday, we'll just keep the bashing for tomorrow, ok ? fine.

lunch time is sacred to me. i like to eat with known ppl only. not strangers not external auditors. else i eat alone.

one thing that really annoys me the most during lunch time, is those pesky salesman, charitable org, beggars, buddhist monk, etc that would bother you while you are having your sacred lunch.

worst of all this bunch are the pesky sales ppl from china, you tell them to go away, they show you something else, say you are not interested, something else pop outs from no where. and it goes on and on.

i read somewhere, that those "monk" are not suppose to beg for money, that alm of theirs is to put food in it, not money, being ducky i always wanted to put in some rice when they walk by me, but not wanting to be beaten unconsciously by my fellow colleagues or the majority non christian chinese strangers, i refrain my self from doing so.

so now, i have the perfect solution, my wife says it's rude, but i find it perfect. i'll just sit down eat my lunch, and when they come by, i just ignor them and continue eating my lunch. if they are still there, i'll just wave my hand off still while eating lunch.

so say anything you want, being rude or obnoxious, it's my lunch and i deserve right to eat in peace.


Inevitable said...

Just pretend that they do not exist... case close

angel said...

That's what I do too... rude meh? Rude is spitting at them... no?

ducky said...

lets see i learn something new today, pretend and spit at them. whoa ! can spit at them one ! i try next time !

Anonymous said...

try putting beef in their mugs.