Tuesday, August 15, 2006

what do you think will happen if lina joy won her case ?


my fav topic of the moment. lina joy.

what do you think will happen if lina joy won her case ? like yoda said out of the frying pan and into the fire. true. before any decision has been made some idiots has already made a police report against the pastor that baptist lina joy. so if she were to win the case, my guess all hell break loose. another may 13 incident. churches burnt, pastors and christian killed. but what if lina joy lose ? some noise, buts thats all. no may 13 incident, no mosque being burnt down or muslim killed. unlike muslim, most non-muslim are much level headed ppl.

maybe its not the religion of islam but the muslim themselves that is mis-interpretating the qoran. how can any religion for that matter not allowed their fellow believer to change their believe if they no longer profess that faith anymore ? it plainly doesnt make any sense.

but what disturb me the most is this, "the position of Malays and Muslims which are guaranteed will be challange" does any one actually takes a gun up to a muslim head and force him/her to be baptist and be converted to any religion ? it's called a free will. every religion in this whole wide world has free will. but most of this muslim seems to be saying no. i dont believe it.

the actual fact is that the position of the malays not bumiputera that will be challange. the malays knows very well that they are only large in numbers but not in economic sense. the only thing that is left is their race and religion, if they cannot even hold on to this 2 thing, they have nothing left.

so dear beloved countrymen, lets us know what we are fighting for, its not purely religious, but the survival of the malays. and you know as well as i know they will "tidak melayu hilang di dunia" and by the way is this the right phrase ? i say just sacrifice lina joy, and live another day.


kaki polemik said...

"how can any religion for that matter not allowed their fellow believer to change their believe if they no longer profess that faith anymore?"

Its obvious that you DO NOT KNOW what you are talking about. Islam legislates against apostasy and views apostasy as a crime. If you cannot even understand that, there is obviously no point explaining it.

"Man badhlaha deena faqthuluhu" -- Whoever leaves his religion, KILL HIM. (Hadith from Bukhari)

vincent said...

"unlike muslim, most non-muslim are much level headed ppl."

Confirms my belief that you are a dickhead. Did you realise what a fucking oxymoron that comment is?

Have you read the Quran?

Shut the fuck up. Doesn't matter if you are muslim or non-muslim - racial riots happen because idiots like you exist.

Yodaddy said...

ducky, your biggest fan, vincent, is here again! dont believe me?

-vincent said ¨Confirms my belief that you are a dickhead. Did you realise what a fucking oxymoron that comment is?¨

hey Kaki Polemik, Does that particular phrase you mentioned there apply to other people as well? i.e. if a christian wanted to leave his religion?

Ah Pek said...

dunno what to say. but i do like your big heading!...

ducky said...

looks like all my fav ppl are here today, i think this is what you call a good catch.
We have vincent, yoda & ahpek as well.

well kaki polemik, i did not mentioned that i know about islam. all i said i dont believe it and it doesnt make sense. what i want to know now most of all is from a muslim point of view not what his quran says why he cannot convert out of islam.

vincent finally, you came back. and you came back with a bang, dickhead and oxymoron, never fails to surprise me. no i have not read the quran. have you ????
since i'm a dickhead and oxymoron what do you mean by "racial riots happen because idiots like you exist" you know what i think you mis-wrote that, it should be "racial riots happen because idiots like me exist" which refers to you. i believe you get more hate comment than i do. and worse of all, you dont even have the balls to answer all of them. you must be menj best friend.

yoda look, happy family, all my fav commentors are here.

yes ahpek, i think every blogger should have that as their header before starting to post anything, just incase.

vincent said...

If you must know, YES I have read the Quran.

Anonymous said...

maybe because vincent is a closet Muslim.

That probably explains his behaviour. *LOL*

Anyway, I don't think Lina Joy will get her wish. The court is too chicken shit to break tradition.

Nothing will happen, move along now.

But if she does get it, then I believe the first casualty will be the Churches. There might be a mass jihad to burn down Churches as retaliation/warning.

walski69 said...

Shadowfox - And the second target would be the courthouses... LOL.

I do sincerely hope that they're not that rash and do something stupid like burning down churches - but premeditated attacks on houses of worship have happened in the past, so you never know.

I'm more concerned about Lina Joy herself, though. Some people have been circulating pictures of her - for what purpose I do not know.

We'll just have to wait for the outcome of the case trial. Walski hopes and prays certain people don't act stupid...

ducky said...

damn vincent read the quran. ok yoda, i guess we need to read one as well to be level headed with vincent.

i do hope what you & i think wont happen shadowfox. cause it might get messy. with conflicts in the middle east it might just spark some added unnecessary tension here. well i do like to believe if churches are burnt down christian wont retaliate and burn down mosque as well. i know i wont, but i'm not sure of younger un-level headed christians.

courthouse ? i dont think so, maybe the judge might be the target. yes walski, i have forgotten abt lina herself, i think she would be the main target. best is to leave the country asap. yes i guess there is also an alternative motive of circulating her pictures around.


vincent said...

shadowfox, you motherfucker...is it wrong to be a Muslim??

The muslims have nutcase fanaticos like MENJ. The non-muslims have nutcase fanaticos like you fuckers.

Yodaddy said...

ducky, unless we can understand arabic, we cannot truly read quran. most we can get is the translated FYI version(without any authority to it). I have read those before BTW.

despite all these comments, you could bet that when the time comes, nothing will happen. most people would have something better to do. Like watching paint dry.

ducky said...

shadowfox dont you just love this vincent guy ? you must understand vincent, yesterday i was a dickhead oxymoron, today i'm a nutcase fanaticos fuckers, if he doesnt call anyone a dickhead or something, he cant cum !!!

think of it vincent actually sound a little like menj, yoda i think vincent and menj is the same person !

quran only in arabic ? isnt that a little selfish ? most non muslim dont understand islam and there is no english quran, how do they expect the non-muslim to understand islam ? .....maybe they do not...

so if the quran is only in arabic, then vincent reads arabic ? then he is not chinese ? mix ? arabic chinese ? which would make him arabnese ????

lets just hope everyone watches paint dries.

james said...

vincent you are the real fanatics here becoz fanatics only happen to ppl who are not borned into the religion like you

just my 2 cts

Anonymous said...

ducky ur rite,vincent,menj are muslim fanatics and minishorts are christians fanatics...they are all fanatics but for diff religions

a real pious godfearing person wont behave like vincent or menj, calling names on other religions akin to terrorists, any1 renounced my faith, KILL KILL & KILL

vincent, u hv read the quran & if u think its good, go convert silently and dun become fanatics of calling ppl names cant u? ducky is not toking abt u!!!!!

Anonymous said...

tat minisort, acting fanatics for christians juz becoz her "bf" is christian but her 1 mother she cant even make peace with, not only that she tried to belittle/insult/condemn skyler everywhere

wat is the point u write whole big posts to defend ur religion when u cant even take care ur own 1 mother only?

these are the ppl who called themself fanatics really fanatics!!!

chinese woman said...

vincent, u are educated till the UK...do u really need to use vulgar words to win or put more weigh to ur arguments???

i cant belief i am responding becoz ur argument is nothing more than names calling, vulgar words without any real substance...vincent grow up pls and come back when ur argument have more ooommph and worth reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Ducky: Our child prodigy friend here has been going around wanking off at many blogs that are critical of the government. Even the senseintrovert isn't spared from his childish attempt to ejaculate his semen in the comment boxes there.

The ignorantly educated government apologist child prodigy has probably benefitted a lot from the powers-that-be that he feels compelled to defend them and attack all attempts to discuss openly about the government policies and the illogical behaviours of certain types of people of a particular religion.

These people, like minishorts, are chicken shit when it comes to real discussions about government corruption and other abuses, but they come to defense of their religion aggressively when Christianity is involved.

Hypocrites that they are, keeping quiet and supporting oppressive and corrupt policies/practices and even attacking opposers of the policies, yet they only become vocal when their own religion is attacked.

ducky said...


james call you a fanatic;

anon call you a muslim fanatic;

chinese woman says you like to swear;

and shadowfox call you a ignorant educated government apologist child prodigy.

vincent ! pls reply ! and if you're not replying does that mean you're not going to comment again in ducky ? we are all going to miss you vincent/menj.

Anonymous said...

dun u know, christian are the converted religous, the real n truly one is islam.. n nowadays, some of the american can easily make fun of jesus.. poor you guys..

ducky said...

anon, please read the bible. converted religous, hahahahahah!

Rhymes With Right said...

Any religion that denies the free will of the human person to turn away from it is no true religion, but is rather a false and destructive cult of darkness.

That is not to say that the followers of that faith are evil, merely that they are deluded by falsehood.

هناك ما من إلهة غير أنّ إلهة ، ويسوع مسيح ه فقط ينجب إبنة.