Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What does merdeka mean to you ?

In light of the merdeka month and numerous merdeka post and pantun being circulated around. I thought I write something on it as well.

What does merdeka mean to you ?

When I think of merdeka I think of wars being fought, rebels and guerillas, oppression of the minorities, death and sorrows and the victors (survivors) of the chaos will raised their war torn flag to claim merdeka.

The thought of some pencil pusher going to London to sit with the Queen and then some time later shouting merdeka at the dataran don’t actually feel like merdeka.

You might not agree, or maybe I wasn’t there in 1957 to feel the mood. But are we actually better off being merdeka ?

Were the British oppressing us ? torturing us in some dark chambers so that we speak the queens english ? I don’t hear my parents complaining about the british mistreating them. Or maybe it’s only a certain quarters of ppl that wishes more political and economic gains from the departure of the british.

49 years later, are we any better ? are we really merdeka ? if you ask me, the same group of ppl that push for merdeka then is still holding on to that political and economic gain but with much bigger share of the pie now.

I believe merdeka would be much more cherish, if it was during the fall of communist in Malaysia and with the construction of the tugu kebangsaan to represent the war fought to gain merdeka, then I believe it would be much more remembered for than what it is today. As many races fought together for that single cause.

So what does merdeka actually means ?

The selfishness of a group of ppl that were only thinking of their wealth and power then and now but did it by claiming it was actually for the good of the rakyat.

have we really progress since 1957 ?

Happy merdeka 49.


Yodaddy said...

to quote mel gibson," we exchange a few tyrant one thousand miles away, for one thousand tyrant, a few miles away"

Inevitable said...

Merdeka is just another public holiday for me. Just like you, I wasn't there in 1957 to witness the independent declaration by our late Tunku. I always dreams that all of us; Malay, Chinese, India and the rest of the races can unite under a single entity - Malaysian but I doubt it will happen in my generation.

Well, maybe what my coach said is correct. Maybe, just maybe, all we need is another world war of some sort, when during that time, we will realise how weak we are as a country and how much we need each other... but till then, we will stay as it is...

Anonymous said...

I think we chinese will be better off wif being ruled by the british becoz they adore chinese...jus look at hongkong, hongkees have dual-citizenship with UK and they can enter UK anytimes without passport

anyway, being malaysian, gotta said Happy Merdeka 49 kakakaka :P

Anonymous said...

Yea man, merdeka means squat if you trade your benign colonialists for a whole swarm of racist bodoh tyrants.

Anyway, Happy Merdeka day to everyone and may god smite the politicians in this country who deserves to be roasted.

ducky said...

does this tyrants have a race ? hahaha

well said inevitable, a war maybe not, a revolution, maybe.

mmph, yes hongkees are pretty well off as well under british rule, maybe just maybe.

yes happy merdeka to you too shadowfox.