Friday, August 25, 2006

hari ini jummaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

friday is the best day of the week. not only it is the last day of work before the weekend, its fucky the gamen day.

but before i start fucking the gamen i like to ramble abt ppl like us. i think ppl like us are a dying breed. we liked the 80s, the 90s was for partying and we settled down in the 2000s. we are not rich, we are not poor either, which is neither good nor bad, not poor enough to receive subsidies help and neither rich enough to make our investment grow. we are in a way stuck, glued to our balls on the pavement. we complain abt a lot of things because we are not in the receiving end of all these so call rakyat benefits, we are a bunch of disgruntle lot that has a lot of anger and hatred buried deep down inside us, and one day, we will explode.....or maybe its just me.

ok, lets fuck the gamen.


big rain yesterday, flood was all over in the city. traffic came to a stand still. the only mode of reliable transportation, the trains. but some trains work better than others. the flood was so bad, some police station actually closed its gates.

who's fault for the bigflood ? you can point as many fingers you like to the authorities, at the end it will only come back to us for being a litter bug. none of the developers will admit it neither will any local council nor glc will say its their fault. it is always our fault. remember when penang was flooded once many years ago, who did they blame ? us litter bugs.


its like an annual event now, come june/july/august the haze from indonesia will fill our skys with wonderful dark gloomy whether. even the morning and afternoon sun cant penetrate the thick strong indon haze.

what does our gamen do ? nothing. absolutely nothing. we got the doe to give us the haze reading and i think its a big conspiracy. haze is at its thickest in the morning, but gets better by afternoon, to give us a reading at 11.00 am its like there is no bad haze, just moderate haze, if that is not a cover up, what is it ? and then the 5pm reading after the big shower/cloud seeding, where got haze problem ?


with merdeka day coming up, we have been told to fly the jalur, and if we do no, we are consider not patriotic, its that like a communist comment, saying we are communist if we dont fly the jalur ? i dont know, i done really feel like we are merdeka after all this years. i dont even feel like our independence was something to shout abt, maybe unless you were there in 1957. there was no blood shed, no real struggle, just some pencil pusher went to england and talk to some ppl, then some years later we got our independence, the british dont really mind, cause by that time they already had robbed us off most of our natural resources for the next 10-20 years. does merdeka mean anything to you ? i dont, all i know since i was a little kid, was some 20-30 retards would dress up in some uniform and sit for some hours while some dozing off to watch more retards parade in front of them.


we get dirty water from our taps and we need to use filters to filter through our water before boiling them. when we get foul smelling water, they said its a fucking chemical reaction. on top of all this, they have the balls to say that they need to increase water tariffs because there are ppl stealing water, they need to change existing pipes and the cost to treat water has increase, while all the while they keep selling water to singapore for dirt cheap price (yes i know, i know, singapore buy raw water, today its friday mah, cut me some slack lah). while doing all this, there is never a mentioned that our water will be clean. where is the clean water ???

electricity ? have you seen how this tnb ppl work ? i've seen a couple of times. to change a anything that resemble a tnb pole will require like 2 trucks. one to carry their personel and the other a utility vehicle. other than the man power they need to plant that pole, most of the time, you can see at least 5 of them sitting sown doing nothing. i even saw one got drunk in the afternoon and need more tnb personel to carry him into their van. splendid. reasons to tariff increase ? for their forex losses of course.


now they have this advertise in most petrol station, harga runcit sebenar, harga subsidi, the subsidy is around Rm0.50. i say do away with the subsidy and lets us pay the full Rm2.50++ and dont say you subsidise our petrol anymore.

that is about does it.


Yodaddy said...

you didnt put chiak kali peng.

Anonymous said...

yaya, come come flood & haze, typhoon also nvm so dun need go to work~~~~~kakakakaka :P

Inevitable said...

The only thing I want to complain is the damn haze. Every year we got fogged by our fucking neighbour. Really TLMCH!
What to do, our gomen licks their shoe...
Have a fooking Fliiiiiidaaayyy

Neo said...

Oh, today's Friday! Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Muhahhaa, you left out the fei poh's latest tirade against the investors.

"Rafidah said: If the foreign investor dont like our policy , you can go out from malaysia, if they want Malaysia to change policy, Malaysia will say "bye-bye" to them.. and what worse is: if you dont like here , you can go to China..."

ducky said...

i want to show i got balls also, so no disclaimer, anyway nothing sensitive mah.

no need go to work, yes, lets wait for the api to reach 200 !

why does our gamen lick their shoes ? cheap labour ? or biggest muslim community ? or rioters for hire ? hmm, maybe thats where they recruit the FRU from !

yes today is friday, tomorrow is saturday and the next is sunday, just in case you forget.

aiseh shadowfox, i banana lah. the fat ass must have learn that from that noh omar "kalau tak suka boleh blah"