Saturday, August 05, 2006


well we so much shit going around and at the same time with dead lines approaching, i was totally stress out. i need some thing to whack, gamen was on friday only, that wasnt enough, my sis took back her ps2, so i cant use carl to whack the police with the baton. cant kill demon gods with gods of war either, cant race F1 and GT4 cars as well. need some kind of tension reliever.

then i found

remember cheers ? 1/2 hour sitcom back in the 80s. dont know how to put those media player thing or else you can listen to the theme song "where everybody knows your name"

cheers ran for 10 seasons, 1982 - 1993. i started watching when there was the dumb bartender, woody, played by woody harrelson. apparently, woody and clive wasnt the original cast. clive was just a guest then! but norm has been sitting in his corner ever since !

so i found torrents for cheers season 1-8, and now i'm downloading season 4.

most 80s shows watched now are lame. but i guess cheers stood the test of time. the jokes and humour are still as funny as it was some 20 years ago.


the original cast

angel, i now have complete set of satc


Ah Pek said...

Cheers!! today no whack gomen!!

angel said...

OMG! U do???? From the first season???
*blink blink with Bambi eyes*

Ditto to ah pek's comment...
C H E E R S ! ! !

ducky said...

cheers ahpek, 1 or kau for you coming up.

yes angel, season 1-6, surprisingly, it was fast, 6 season 1 week. somemore dvd rip, damn clear. approximately 22Gb. so should be able to fit nicely in 5-6 dvds.

Anonymous said...

Wah, what an oldie... Ted Danson looks so young.

Anonymous said...

Oh btw ducky, do you own a car ? ;)

angel said...

Waaaa! 6 seasons?!
*continues blinking with Bambi eyes*

Inevitable said...

Cheers is for uncle and auntie lah... but I pun ada tengok sikit lah

Yodaddy said...

Actually cheers is not that old to warrant uncle, auntie....although ducky and angel is....

If cheers is uncle auntie, what a bout the little whore house on the praire? granfathers and grandmothers?

We all did funny things which we might "regret" when we were younger, one of them is to think that Kristie Alley is damn hot.

ducky said...

yes 1 tin can shadowfox, but if it is to scrap a 15 year old car, i wouldnt mind.

uncle or aunt, i'm old, i'm old lah.

i did remember watching those little whores on the praire, and i thought melissa gilbert and that blind chick was hot as well.

and kristie alley hot ? man she was smoking hot.

Yodaddy said...

ducky, that was then lah...her hotness did not stand the test of time. Or is it just me or is the newer more current chicks hotter than the chicks of yesteryears?

By the way you couldnt have seen the original little slut house on the praire because that was like 40-50 years ago. You must have watched the repeat. And melissa gilbert? you were a pedo even when you were young i see.

Yeah back to cheers, the bloody supporting cast like Frasier is actually a spin off from Cheers. Who else, Clara(or something like that, her name in the show) is the woman who starred in Fargo.

and lastly, what the fuck is with this Word verification thingy?

Bloody shit the "i" looks like"j" or the other way round. If i get this wrong do i have to retype the whole comment again?

walski69 said...

Ahh... Cheers! One of my all-time faves...

Yeah, man.. good stuff to chill out to - interesting to watch what Frazier was like b4 his own sitcom, huh?

And don't worry... Walski not angry... ;-)

ducky said...

cheers to yoda & cheers to walski.

i googled for kirstie alley & you know what ? she was like a big fat ass some 2 years ago !
but now its alright, but its definitely not as hot as her then. for god sake she is 50 years old !

its good that walski is not angry. make ducky feel much better.

Inevitable said...

MIA again?