Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ducky is unavailable for the time being...

Hey its me, the more famous of the two three contributors of this blog. As the title to this post refers, Ducky is currently not in the country. So quit asking him fly the national flag ok? It is not like you have a share in the company which produces the flag...

Now back to the topic, ducky is unavailable right now so social visitors of this blog should refrain from putting in complimentary comments such as :

1. - Hey welcome back / welcum bag / welkambek Ducky


2. - Ducky i hate you / (whatever other similiar variations)


3. - god / (anyother supreme beings) is great / bless you / damn you

Please keep it for when he comes back. Ok?

Meanwhile please feel free to go vote at the poll i created on the top right of your screen. dont worry about eating kali peng (curry rice). Afterall we undi BN only wat.


angel said...

What about welcum back, daddy!!!
We missed you!!!

Now, what did u do to Ducky??? Out with it!

Yodaddy said...

angel, he is dead, i killed him

Inevitable said...

Definitely Keng Yaik lor... he fell asleep every fucking year.

Ducky, I know you are in Kamunting right now. I will be joining you pretty soon and I'll drag daddy and angel with me... kakakaka

not ducky said...

u kill ducky ? what for ? sammy will sleep first lah.

Yodaddy said...

Not ducky - Oh, that.... it is my stock answer for everyone who ask me about the whereabouts or any other information regarding ducky.