Sunday, October 08, 2006

todays api reading is only 50 !

friday and saturday api reading were both in the 100 region, but cleared up on saturday evening.

today, sunday, looks as bad as friday and saturday, but the doe is only giving a reading of 50++ !

you believe this doe fellars ? i know for sure high api readings are bad for tourism. so is this a cover up action ?

the moment you touch down at klia, any tourist would have known they have been con !

but there is one i cant make how accurate it is. Jb is giving a reading of 141 at 11am today, but the northern part of singapore which is the nearest part to Jb is having a reading of 80 only. dont tell me the tambak johor makes 60 points in reading difference.

or maybe we dont use the same scale for reading the polution index ?

or malaysia is trying to discredit singapore by saying Jb is at unhealthy level which means singapore also has bad api readings.

or singapore is hiding its true api readings ?

i dont know, as politics are always very complicated.

this is from my house looking out at doe api reading of 50++.


Anonymous said...

I check Singapore's PSI reading. It was at 150 at peak.

Singapore's way of measurement always show lesser value proportionately but you can safely multiply it by at least 2 to get Malaysia's real reading. :D

mumsgather said...

The tambak Johor makes 60 points in reading difference. Hehe.
Thanks for visiting my blog. The haze is even worse today, Monday. I can no longer see the buildings in the horizon when I look out the window. *cough cough sniff sniff*

ducky said...

i'm not very sure of this shadowfox, i quite sure singapore would also like to cover up some haze readings as tourism is also quite big there. maybe not.

most welcome mumgather, yes today's haze was pretty bad. my eyes start to hurt a little now. i do hope it gets better, emergency or not it wouldnt change the haze situation.

Inevitable said...

My nose is like waterfall liddat... FOG YOU INDONS!