Tuesday, October 17, 2006

malaysiakini on suhakam inquiry on bloody sunday

If you had read the suhakam inquiry on the bloody Sunday fuel protest in malaysiakini, you might be scratching your head in disbelieve.

First one of the FRU officers said that there was no element of violence that happen and was shock to the claim that FRU were beating protesters.

This is not shocking, as our authorities are always denying all sorts of allegation. Or the truth to a certain extent. Maybe he wasn’t there, so he didn’t see any violence.

Come to think of it, our gamen practically denies every single allegations made by any foreign media. Such as, the haze in this country is not as bad as what was reported. We are not mistreating our native ppl. There is little illegal logging in sabah & Sarawak. Our Malaysian Chinese are better off than the malays. My son and son in law has nothing to do with that. We do not have any immigrant problems in sabah. Etc, etc, etc.

But when the other police dude said the following, I was truly scratching my kapala.

“The Malaysian public is not mature enough. Bystanders passing by will be easily influenced and get dissatisfied and irritated with the speakers uttering scathing words about the government.”

“These words will provoke them to join in the rally blindly without thinking rationally,”

“Shouting, chanting and holding placards and banners were gestures of losing temper and these kinds of emotional appearances can affect their judgement,”

Lets recall back when khairy and his gang was protesting outside the American embassy, I believe they were Shouting, chanting and holding placards and banners and not mistaken, there was also fire present, burning flags and effigy. Then they pushed their way passed the FRU to go inside the American embassy. And this wont turned into a riot ! fantastic, I’m speechless.

I believe if suhakam had asked that police dude this question, he would not be able to answer. I though suhakam was doing an inquiry but I guess its only a sit down and listen session.


Inevitable said...

Yeah, the goverment is living in a state of denial...
Did you read today's news about Malaysia slips four places to 6th in Asean FDI ranking. You know what this mean? We are fucking below Indonesia in term of foreign investment. They also denied that the 30% Bumiputera equity rule was a big issue deterring foreign investors... what a joke!

ducky said...

i wont be surprise if we fall further down the ladder. ailing proton need a partner and they have no intention of giving up
controling and managing stake of the proton. its looks like the captain will be sinking with ship soon.