Monday, October 16, 2006

monday blues

The indon president apologise, so fucking what, is the sky any bluer ? hell no fucking shit. Matter of fact It don’t even look like it is going to go away. It rain like horses & buffalo yesterday and the sky was still as hazy like it did not rain.

Their officials at the embassy has already told us to fuck off since they fault us for not thanking them for providing us with a statefull of Kalimantan oxygen. And neither are they like storm of x-men which can summon the wind and rain.

Their officials at Indonesia pulak said they are flat broke. The only equipment that they can offer is their dick for putting out small fires like bbq & cigarette butts.

I don’t see any point any one making any fuss about the haze anymore, it is and will be an annual affair from now on. No amount of political pressure will even make them move a single inch to battle this hazy situation.

Else we nuke them with 200 tons of pork meat!!!

But if you put all these hazy days together, i doubt it can beat that Takaful chap so call internal memo of non deepavali greetings by muslim.

curiously isnt this inciting racial and religious hatred among malaysian ? then why isnt this chap being hauled up to kamunting yet ?

non action by the gamen only means it approve of it, silently of course.

i cant see any difference of the pope speech, old man lee racial remark against the muslim and this internal memo against the indians. on both occasions the gamen demanded an apology, and when one was given but by not retracting their remarks, the gamen demanded more. the indians in the country should so demand that right.

then there was that perak mufti chap trying to clarify the air on this issue that it is ok to wish your fellow indians happy deepavali but not to join in the celebration or any practice that is unislam.

then i should suggest that all those islam officer in this country that loves to check on ppl berkhalwat-ing or not puasa-ing, to arrest all those muslim that are playing with all sorts of fire crackers ready made or self made as these are very non islamic values. i believe these are cny celebration activities.

so if they cannot refrain their muslim ppl by not playing with firecrackers which i doubt so, please stop making all these ridicolous kongsiraya and deeparaya racial slur.

and if they wont, i just cannot wait for XMASRAYA. that would be explosive !

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