Friday, October 20, 2006

friday pre-deeparaya posting

During the july 2006 tax submission deadline, for all the 31 December 2005 accounting year end, all the professional bodies need to practically beg at the mercy of the income tax authorities to extend the 31 july 2006 deadline to 14 august 2006. this is very practical since the majority of the companies in Malaysia uses the 31 december year end. And after a VERY BIG fuss the lhdn gave in.

And now, for the tax submission deadline of 31 october 2006 for the accounting year end of 31 march 2006, the lhdn has decided to extent this deadline to 14 november 2006 after receiving a letter from the Malaysia institute of taxation for such a request.

Now I doubt that there are a any vast numbers of company with the 31 march 2006 year end nor the Indian community accounting/taxation firm were given this extra privileges cause you don’t see the lhdn extending the june/july/ accounting year end which the submission is due jan/feb which normally coincides with the cny.

This is actually our fucking lazy gamen attitude of working. Which represent the majority of a particular race attitude towards work. If you actually think about it, it is always about the gamen not the rakyat interest put to order. 23 october being a holiday for the civil servant means the bank Negara will be closed, thus all financial institution in the country will also be closed as well.

Remember sometime ago when we won some sports event and they cant even declare the next day a holiday but to be postpone to some Saturday day ? and they claimed that the klse need to be running due to international blah blah blah ? whats their excuse now ?

Even though the dead line of 14 november 2006 is only applicable to income tax submission, it indirectly means that most gamen office will not be running 100% till at least the 1st week of November. So if you got any urgent matter that you need the gamen approval or endorsement I suggest you do it today or else wait till November. Even most of our courier services wont reach anyway until next Thursday.

Short story is whether it is a pak lah or old tun or najib or hishamuddin, or whomever sitting at the PM throne, it is always about them, “government of the umno, by the umno, for the umno, shall not perish from the earth."


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happy deeparaya to you too.

Let's stuff ourselves and gain a bit of weight. (I know i need to put on a bit)