Friday, October 06, 2006

the friday hazy post

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

It appears to me that you are not interested in combating this current haze situation for whatever reasons. As at to date, I have not read any constructive solution from your administrative office to overcome this unhealthy air from your lovingly neighbor Indonesia other than just casual peeing from the mighty hercules.

To back my accusation of you, I believe there was a cabinet meeting recently to approve 23rd of October 2006 as a public holiday for the civil servant. As a mat public, it appears to me again that taking a holiday is far more important than taking care of serious business in the country such as this hazy problem.

I have no interest to hear you say that you will set up a committee to look into this matter or you will be sending a team to Indonesia to investigate how serious the matter is. The very fact that the entire skyline of Kuala Lumpur has disappear is a good enough indicator that the haze has reached a serious level.

The only team that you should be sending over to Indonesia is the TUDM or the TLDM or the country frontliners nothing else.

If you need to reach the Indonesia president there is always the email or the telephone or just plain old snail mail.

I believe the readings in most places has reached about 100, which accordingly to the DOE is unhealthy level. But knowing well how your administrative office works, some great sufferings has to come to your citizens before you would even bother to lift a single finger to take any drastic actions.

And as usual if i do decide to sent this mail to you, the best that you can answer is, you would look into the matter.

I cannot predict how the Bursa will be doing next year, but i am sure the haze will still be here next year.


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Anonymous said...

badawi is uncapable but najib is worst coz he damned racist, if he ever be the PM hope he died before he even got a chance to be PM coz God is great and no racist can be the PM as what had happen to Musa Hitam, whole family hamkachan in the highland towers tragedy coz he sacked all uni chinese lecturers without any reasons but just becos they are chinese