Wednesday, October 18, 2006

18% or 45%, ducky think the actual figures was never meant for public eyes.

18% or 45%

i think we are slowly heading towards russian policy many years ago, where they have like 3 exchange rates.

we will use the 18% when we need to claim that the malays are not reaching the required nep of 30%

when we need to show the world how progressive the malays has been since merdeka, the 45% or maybe even a larger figure might be used.

and lastly, to show that we are making progress towards 2020, a moderate figure of anything than merdeka days and maybe 20 years ago like say 22% might be used.

and if you are not agreeable with such figures, you should ask nicely. how do you ask nicely ? i have no fucking idea. there are no guidelines provided just like finas !

ducky thinks the asli report is true and accurate, the other figures which was made out of thin air was never suppose to be question at all. and the asli report was never to be surface. cause todate i havent heard a single logical answer as to how this equation came about. i mean if this figure was actually not made out of thin air, the moment anyone question it, an accurate pinpoint answer will be produced. because it is actually made out of thin air, the method of calculation cannot be produced just yet.

and if you had follow the suhakam inquiry on the bloody sunday, you would soon realised, this magic 18% figure will also be answers in a most mind boggling manner that will not make any accouting, financial, taxation or even valuation sense.

because it was actually made out of thin air.


Anonymous said...

Honestly I just can't understand the hoo-ha all over the internet on which is the correct figure/methodology! In the first place the use of such a statistic is plain stupid since both the bumis or non-bumi can sell off their shares at anytime. If the non-bumis sell theirs tomorrow - poof! the target's met! Similarly if the bumis sell theirs, the target will forever not be achieved. Believe me, the powers-that-be will claim that such a target like equity sharing will be inappropriate for use if their figure/methodology doesn't add up!

mob1900 said...

anonymous is correct although through our own current leader it seems to 'gone out of hand'. We are not denying the % but the actual intention of the so-called NEP. PPL must realise these fund/projects/shares meant to help the bumis are being cornered by few and handful 'Elites' into their own pockets and we're talking about sums which comes out from the Taxpayers, the whole of Malaysia. Do not be hoodwink into thinking you'll get a 'piece of the NEP pie' by blindly supporting these 'Elites', otherwise how do you think they remain an 'Elite'?
These 'Elites' will do anything in their disposal to channel anger towards their wrongdoings by turning the ppl against ppl. Like the basic math/statistic question mentioned above, ppl asks how do you get such figure? Our leader 'sai-lang'(plays the racial card) again!

What kind of leader would go so LOW by turning it ppl against its own?

ducky said...

very well answer both of you guys. way beyond my simple joe public observation. you guys are wayyyyy of my league.