Wednesday, October 04, 2006

itu jerebu sudah mali lagi

every fucking year is the same fucking thing.

about before or after around now, the fucking thick cloud of fire burnt smell would make its presence here in malaysia and its neighbours.

every fucking year we would sent some fucker there to make a formal complain. thats all.

then the mother would come back and tell us they are burning their crops illegally in indonesia.

no shit, we dont need to go over to indon to know that, we can fucking smell it here.

so what is the gamen doing this time around ? looks like fucking nothing to me.

pak lah is more concern abt his future as the Pm. his son in law is running around the country doing and saying whatever he pleases.

the old tun continue to make fun of pak lah.

so who the fuck is handling this matter ?

i got a feeling, nobody seems to care abt this hazy situation.

it is strange, you have an ass hole as a neighbour but you dont do nothing abt it.

i hope the haze cover up singapore as well, then we can expect someone with balls to go and fuck this fucking indonesia once and for all, with foreign preasure and all.

i believe last year syed said that it was not good to put foreign preasure on indonesia, as we were good fucking neighbours. i doubt indonesia see it that way.

i see indonesia taking malaysia like a dumpster, export their over populated population to sabah and then throw their fucking haze in our face.

and our gamen just sit there and shakes their ball.

oh yes i forgot, some influential person need to die from the haze before any action would be taken of course. then a committe would be set up to determine the dangerous level of haze !!! and a report would be out in like year. then its next year all over again !!!

isnt that great !


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, it was actually the pookimak Malaysians who own plantations in Indonesia that's responsible for the fires.

Indonesia provided evidence that incriminated kumpulan Guthrie.

We cannot blame the indos completely, because our UMNO/BN cronies are responsible for this from afar.

Yodaddy said...

yes shadow, you remembered correctly! ducky, you might have gave our govt too much credit for being a good neighbour. As soon as the fire is not caused by them or their cronies, our govt would likely threaten to buy nuke from north korea to nuke indon.

ducky said...

yes, too much haze blocked my memory. thanks for the reminder. maybe singapore can do that for us, nuke indon i mean, since they felt like the marginalised chinese in the region. save us all that tax money buying nukes from pyongyang, wait a minute, that half starve country might even barter us for food, so lets say 1 billion roti canai for a ?? kiloton nuke "ca tan". (better not used the english word, google might picked it up)

Norman said...

Unfortunately, someone really does have to die/seriously hospitalized for the gamen to react. Just like the 'smart tunnel' thing.

Maybe we can use a couple of mat cemerlang to stand around and breath deeply.

Anonymous said...

The mat cemerlang is just an undercover excuse for Umno's own private army for the next May 13th.

ducky said...

mat cemerlang ? i was thinking more on the line of those national service type, as that would get a lot of attention from the parents.

next may 13 ? wow ! didnt know its so near.