Wednesday, November 01, 2006

putrajaya is like a fail simcity model.

while waiting for prison break season 2 and battlestar galactica season 3 download to finish, i was rather bored, and did not have much shows to see. so i decided to play some PC games since my sister has already taken back her ps2. bought some pc games but only to discover that my AMD 1.2Ghz is a little not compatible to play current games, so my hopes of playing settlers the heritage of kings dashed.

so i flip for some old games to play and found simcity. i think its 4. the sims in this simcity are one fucking demanding lot. they need medical attention, education satisfaction, parks, cheap taxes, low pollution, garbage clean and satisfactory accomodation as well. so while i was trying to meet their ever increasing demand, i realise, putrajaya is like a simcity build by a very novice player.

dont you think so ? i mean if you are a novice player, you are going to build that big park, put fancy buildings next to residential area to perk up their value and looks, hoping they will turn into mansions and villas. but soon enough you'll realised you have over spend and your income from taxes are not really covering it. so you start to take loans every year. soon enough simcity will give you some opportunity to make some serious money by offering you to set up military base, missile silo, toxic dump waste, prison and casino.

but when all that dont work, you start to build heavy industries every available space and leave out commercial. you might make it, but your simcity is choking in haze. eventually you stop playing, as your financial planner is always pissed off with a red face !

who the fuck is paying for putrajaya upkeep ? us the tax payers as well ? last i read about the embassy in kuala lumpur along jalan ampang, most of them are staying put unless they are renting their lots. i believe the american embassy has no intention of moving as well.

actually i do hope all this embassy stays put, caused if they go, you can bet your balls that they are gonna pull down all this beautiful mansions and built multi storeys condominiums and penthouse. you know how the kuala lumpur systems works, no system.

take a drive down to putrajaya this weekend, use the highway that pass upm via serdang, its much cheaper and nearer. drive straight into putrajaya city centre. you'll see every single ministry office there in big shining blocks. other than the civil servants and a couple of cars and bus, it looks very much like a ghost town.

unlike simcity you can delete the game and rebuilt if you dont like it, after all its only sim dollars and some sleepless nights. putrajaya unlike simcity is real and cannot be undo ! and billions had been poured into there already, offices has already been relocated and ppl mobilize.

if you are staying in putrajaya, dont be surprised, if you wake up the next morning next to a missile silo or the tentera darat diraja malaysia or the new putrajaya camp or even casino de putrajaya !

i do hope i am wrong.


Yodaddy said...

simcity is a game is a simulator game not necessary a real world simulatorlah...

You remember the person who benefits the most out of putrajaya and KLCC work contract? the MMs.

We have to remember that Putrajaya is a bastard, in a figurative sense. It really is a miracle that it was built despite overwhelming odds against it. Now that it is built, there is a sense of it being unwanted....

i remember MM say that the currency speculator of 96 had set malaysia back by 3 decades......well, i think by building the putrajaya, we were set back another decade or so...

And thanks in advance for BSG season3!

satanduck said...

Nice comparison. Too bad SimCity was not a subject taught in the course "how to run a country".

Anonymous said...

Commenter #1: Interesting.. but South Korea's currrency was hit much worse than us in '97. But we have to ask as well, how come now their electronics industry, auto industry, Internet penetration, wealth, education and world standing is 5 decades ahead of Malaysia..?

MM's blames the "currency speculator of 96". I think the blame is on the fact that Malaysia is a nation of "smart people, ruled by stupid people". A foreign professor observed this :)

Then again, how come smart people voted the stupid people into the government in the first place. Stupid MCA. Remember to ask your parents and the older folk not to vote for them any more!! They always get conned by MCA. Am I right? Ong Ka Ting - not doing shite for us, just pandering to whoever is in charge. Even Mahathir, Anwar and Lim Kit Siang are much more like hard-working politicians.

Yodaddy said...

Anon- Maybe South Koreaƛ currency is worse hit than Malaysia, to korea, it is just a hiccup. To Malaysia, BECAUSE of the currency crisis, our weak economy, poor bank supervision and corruption came back to bite us with vengeance. .... 5 decades you say? lets see...MM says 3 decades then plus putrajaya 1 decade which makes 4 decades. where is one more decade? Did the ¨rulers¨ of the govt just threw another decade out the window?

Are you old enough to vote? Just remember that none of the big guns in MCA stands in chinese majority constituency. The more they sell out, the more votes they will get, if you know what i mean.

ducky said...

i said similar to simcity in some sense, maybe you didnt play simcity. yes i forgot you only played fuck them up lock and load games. similar in the sense that when you over built and you dont have that adequate income to sustain your city.
ok if putrajaya is a bastard that makes cyberjaya and tpm a kind of bastard as well, right ?
been to tpm lately ?
set back a couple of decades, i sense that is how our dear gamen intend to grow backwards.

yes thank you. maybe for transportation modules, the star/putra lrt can take some notes from transportation tycoon!

i would samsung nation had a correct vision. a vision that put the country and rakyat as priority and not the builders and the proposers. its all about priority.
blaming currency speculation is just an excuse. honestly i cannot agree with that statement of a "smart ppl ruled by stupid ppl" the raykat are not all that smart anyway. i believe it is the tidak apa attitude that pave the way for the BN constant win in the GE and of course the lop sided election rules and regulation which only favours BN.

you see anom, ppl vote for BN because they dont have much choice, not because of dumb and dumber. vote for the opposition, means no development. vote for BN, your one street town becomes a five street towns. look at kampar, sitiawan, teluk intan, bidor. ask any sabahan of age, before BN tookover, there was no uni, sighting there was no demand. look what happen when BN tookover, university ! coincidence ?

BSG season 3, now showing up to episode 5 only, long way to go. but i can tell you, the 1st 4 episodes justify the wait from season 2.

Yodaddy said...

ducky, when i was playing were still playing super mario bros...i played all simcities, including your simcity4. i said it was not really a practical comparison because of :

1) in simcity, you play to ¨win¨ or achieve some long term objectives.. in the real world, BN play to enrich themselves.
2) Simcity doesnt give you the Bonus building of Oil rig did it? one oil rig gives you 1 bil per sim year. more than enough to maintain the whole map full of cities.
3) You cant gazzete an industrial/commercial land and see someone building a residential palace there(Datuk Zak) in simcity.
4) You budget the maintainance for transportation and can expect the transportation to be perfect. In the real world, no matter how much you budget, the road would always be full of potholes, the overbridge would suffer structural damage and lrt would dangle in midair.
5) In simcity, when you wanna build a bridge, you build it. If you decided not dont need to pay compensation...
6) you cannot raise your water and electricity tariff in simcity..

Putrajaya/Cyberjaya = bastard

grow backwards or forward does not matter to govt... as long as they can find money.