Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hurray for singapore !

finally it happen. of all the countries in asia, the smallest of them all but with the biggest balls, in one way or another told the fucking indon to shut the fuck up on their progress in combating the fucking haze.

we all know the indon gamen has no fucking intention to do clear this haze problem. the indon seem to have the same fucking attitude as our dick head leaders. "mind your own business and dont fucking tell me what to do with my ppl or country"

i knew if that little island is covered with haze long enough, they will fuck the indon gamen up. and they indeed did. they have brought this matter up with the UN, asking for assistance in combating the haze issues.

and what had the indon said about this ? there were pissed ! claiming that it wasnt done in the spirit of asia. that singapore had other intention. that this was an asian matter and should be solved within the asian walls not the UN.

spirit of asia ? choking your neighbours with haze is definitely not in the asian spirit. doing nothing about the haze is not the asian spirit. telling us to fuck off when we complained to your embassy is also not in the asian spirit.

bottom line,

fuck you indonesia, hope the UN fuck you up for good.
thumbs up to the republic for having big coconuts.
and as usual bolehland did nothing.

now lets just wait for our foreign minister to say something stupid on this subject.
you can bet on that, since harry fucked us the other time around.
lock and load !

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