Thursday, November 16, 2006

the so call protector of a certain race

every fucking year around or about the same fucking time, a certain protector of a certain race of ppl will gather together for a whole fucking week to conduct what you would call an Annual General Meeting.

dressed in their best traditional attire these delegates and representative from each state of the country gave their 1 or 2 cent worth of what they think the party is doing or going to do, but most of the time what they do is just marble polishing their leaders ballsz. like all colleges or universities fraternity, when you have more than a dozen of like minded ppl, you tend to stirr up certain issues normally alone you would not have the ballsz to do or say. unless you are the son of some influential leader.

and while brandishing a certain type of traditional weapon in the air they would proclaim that their race has been left out in the economy planning (which by the way was planned by this ppl as well) and therefore as the so call rightful sons of the earth they demand that a certain policy be affirm to ensure that their race are not left out in the country economy pie.

with all their fraternity brothers cheering them on, they continue to fuck the so call leaders of the other races, claiming that they cannot fuck the primary race leader nor can they challenge the rightful rights and the religion of the sons of the earth.

at the end of the meeting, many hands are shake, new contacts are establish, contracts renewed and awarded, non conforming members are kicked out while more liked minded fraternity brothers are recruited and other than enriching their own fraternity brothers, all this talk abt helping the less fortunate non fraternity members will just have to wait while they go shopping around for another traditional weapon to show off next agm.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know which race you are talking about. Very ignorant la me.

Tell la...share a bit dont scared scared of polis.

Yodaddy said...

The race is most probably either Aryan Nazi or the south african white supremacist....or is it malaysian malay?

ducky said...

yes it is suppose to be funny stupendous man. hahahahaha.

if u dont know then just replace the word race with any other race-lah, like those french/italian/polish jokes.

actually i was thinking more of the aztec or mayan. maybe its the battlestar galactica cylon race ! frack ! frack ! frack !

Adam said...

Sounds like an MCA meeting except that there is no waving of weapons but chairs might be flying.

Bengbeng said...

I may not agree with everything you say but i defend your right to say it :)
I have bookmarked you, so I will be back. :)

ducky said...

dear bengbeng,

the beauty abt blogs are personal opinions, whether u agree or not.