Thursday, November 09, 2006

SWAN or sluts ?

there is this tv show on free tv called the swan, where they take a normal human being then hack them into bits and pieces and then piece them up again in near pefect condition and discarding any unwanted bits along the way.

the show starts with some soccer mums or some depressed chick that dont like the way they look or has low esteem because of their so called out of porportion nose, chin, forehead, eyes, boobs, etc etc etc. then they get this once in a life time chance to transformed themself into a new spanking slut !

i'm sorry, i cant help it. because if i so happen were to watch that show that is what i see. normal chick goes for surgery/theraphy/workout then come back and look like a total slut. yes they look like all those porn stars you see on the net. nearly all of them had their boobs made.

most of the time, the transformation made are like a real 180 degrees. cause after the transformation, they dont look anything like the original. if you are single, then i think its all fine. but if you have kids, lets say a 2 year old, i dont think the 2 year old is going to understand why mummy look different now.

and of course all the male partners are happy. who wouldnt ? as your partner now has been turn into a total pornstar. now you dont have to waste hours after hours wanking yourself in front of the monitor.

and finally, the ppl that made the transformation, my guess is they would go to hell after they die. why ? you ask. well why not. what if it was god who made this ppl like that. maybe god had a reason giving you a crooked nose. now you go and play god and changed this crooked nose into a perfect nose, whose fault is it ? imagine a conversation between god and one of the doctors.

god : are you god ?
dr. : no
god : i think u are
dr. : no, u are god, i'm just a servant
god : servant ? u call yourself a servant ?
dr. : yes i am
god : then tell me, which servant tries to out do their master ?
dr. : i dont understand
god : why you changed that girl's crooked nose to a straight one ?
dr. : oic your point, i was trying to make it better.
god : so you are saying that i made it wrong ? i god made a mistake ? is that what u r saying ?
dr. : no, i mean what you did was ok, but i only wanted to correct it.
god : you want to correct god ?
dr. : no, i want to help you iron out some mistakes.
god : mistakes you say.
dr. : not mistakes, over look, i mean.
god : i see, tell you what, since i'm prone in making mistakes, i might just make a mistake and accidentally sent you to hell ! bye !


Yodaddy said...

if the conversation is true, why should human better themself?

Can i say in your school of thought, god created the world...if i plant some grasses that are non native to the land, would i be playing god by doing something contrary to god?

Can your fundamentalist self look beyond god and see your fellow human?

As i always say, HUMAN CREATED GOD AFTER THEIR OWN IMAGE....the god created by you in the above conversation seems to have projected you as a person who dislike changes....

Anonymous said...

I seriously think you should chill LOL...

Look, the "transformation" made them look good and in turn made them feel better about themselves, not to mentione more confident and positive. Most of the people undergoing the treatment are unhappy people and want to have a change.

You can look at the show as trying to make money and the doctors trying to market their expertise. But try to look at things from a positive perspective - which is something I thought a religious person should do - and you will realise that this show has it's plus sides.

Even if it's a "sin", then let her deal with it. It's between God and her because she gave her consent for the transformation. Why the doctor's fault?

Personally, I think that what the doctors did was amazing. Not that I would recommend anyone to go through so drastic a change, but nonetheless it turned out great for the patient. So no complains.


ducky said...

come on lah that conversation was supposed to be funny !

but seriously, if you have seen that show you would agree as well that after their transformation, they really look like pornstars (the fuck me look).

Anonymous said...

Dawn Yang anyone ?