Friday, November 10, 2006

boobies and all new season of prison break/battlestar/lost

i kinda feel that when chicks want something from you (non-sexual), they know how to get it from you. easiest way, is when they start talking in a manja manner, follow by cleavage flashing and if that fails, they will stand so close to you that you are bound to rub their boobies. god isnt it great to be a women. they seems to have the ultimately power of persuasion. boobies.

but if you need a favour from the chick, sweet talking and flashing your ballz is not going to work, and if you stand close to them till they can rub your dick, you might be looking at a sexual harrassment suit against you. but of course if you are leng chai then it might work lah. the rest of the average joe just has to try harder.

anyone watching prison break season 2 now ? all i can say, is that, it is better than season 1. season 1 was all abt how scofield trys to break out of prison, season 2 is scofield trying to leave america while the cia/fbi/secret service tries to track him down. i wont say anymore, go watch it. it is currently showing up to episode 10.

not forgetting battlestar galactica season 3. now showing till episode 6, but tonight in the states, it is episode 7, so download might be available from saturday onward. battlestar fair not bad, if you need to download, just take the first 4 episodes, as it is really the continuation from season 2, after that it is the search for earth again.

lost season 3 ? lost interest in the middle episodes on season 2. completely lost. couldnt care less whether they key in whatever code every hour on that 486.

why did i not fuck the gamen today ? i think the gamen is fucking itself pretty good nowadays.

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Yodaddy said...

i know what you mean about the boobies...they tried that on me when i was there.. only difference is they were asking for favours in a sexual kind of way from me...not in a professional kind of way in your case.

what you mean by they fuck themself up nowadays? they do it regardless of whether you fuck them or not. you ´boh lan pah´ to fuck them say lah.....