Friday, November 03, 2006

no but, cause joe public wont even be given a 2nd chance.

yesterday, pak lah actually had the opportunity to redeem his total lack of confidence to the rakyat, but he blew it away.

the umno council had a meeting and concluded that that klang king ought to resigned his post from the klang municipal.

his position as head of umno klang - retain.

his fortress - not mention

his punishment - hope he repent

defy the sultan - not mention

check his wealth - not mention

what kind of cock and bull council is this ?

the klang king was only advised to quit, not ask to quit, but advised. what the fuck. the man is the head of the town council. the man knows that it is wrong to built a fucking fortress without proper approval but the klang king did it anyway. knowing it and still fucking do it. its like a double wrong. fuckers with powers and authority that abuse it should and must be sack right on the spot and any pension cancelled. no but, cause joe public wont even be given a 2nd chance.

i'm quite sure once and twice your fav mamak stall/restaurant would have been torn down for making illegal extensions without approval or tables consficated. now you have a fucking alcatraz in the middle of klang. built without any approval. tear the fucking thing down i say, or i hope some crazy muther fucker torch it down or blow it up to kingdom come. no but, cause joe public wont even be given a 2nd chance.

not punish ? why is he not punished ? becaused he made some public statements and cried his eyes out ?? if he was sincere, he would had made that statement the very next day went he was being accused by the DAP. the longer you wait, the faker your reply would be. its like if i call yoda a stupid mother fucker and replied me 1 hour later by saying, yay you too. the fucker should be expel from the klang council and umno immediately. no but, cause joe public wont even be given a 2nd chance.

but i think this is the biggest, defy the sultan of selangor, citing bad health and was on a holiday. he be lucky its not the sultan of johor, else you can find his body along some alley in chow kit already. for this his datukship should and any honours should be stripped away. and all benefits and favours cancelled. no but, cause joe public wont even be given a 2nd chance.

to built a 10million mansion, tax field audit asap. even restaurant or traders with fluctuating sales are being field audit by the lhdn. no but, cause joe public wont even be given a 2nd chance.

but the worst of all, happy-cock (zakaria), sobbing statement, that the fortress was going to be a monument for his children/grandchildren to remember him by when he kick the bucket. want a monument build a fucking statue of the happycock-lah, dick-head.


Yodaddy said...

being an UMNO division leader and only got one 10 million house for the entire family to live in? Where is the justice? I am crying with you Zakaria....while your peer are getting probably 10 mil a month and probably has palaces in Dubai or London, you have only one lousy palace in Klang? Do you know how much kopi money he has to pay to his superiors to maintain his position? Dahlah his satay shop also cannot open for business due to no license....then, for not paying duit kopi, he is harrased left and right by the MB and sultan...

We lowclass, joe public, commoner would not be able to understand the feeling of Klang´s Emperor. 10 million could feed lots of people you say...but those are just low class, joe public, commoners...Zakaria is an emperor..his well being is worth the lives of 100,000 low class joe public commoners.

My god what a disaster....could heaven have decreed that calamity should strike this region every 2 2004 was the boxing day tsunami...this year, the Klang empperor´s abdication..............

Balajoe said...

Probably Pak Lah would have found the "courage" to act on the "Klang King" if only the Selangor Sultan had just gone in and pulled out Zakaria's Datukship. Since that did not happen, the Klang King is free to screw joe public.

ducky said...

i think pak lah had no balls since umno agm is only around the corner, and he sure dont want to screw up anyone before this. this cleary shows where his sincerety and loyalty lies, in umno and serving the likes of umno, the rakyat can go fuck them self for all he care.

Norman said...

Maybe the PM just needs to stop playing nice with overpaid layabouts. Like take out his belt and just whip Zakaria like the disappointing retard he is... on live tv.

Now THAT'S entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I hope this issue remains intact in the minds of voters in the next election.

Hope it costs them a lot of votes.

Time for Malaysians to wake up.

ducky said...

yes norman, live whipping, that beats any reality show i know off. and since its getting violent anyway, why not throw in some punches like in taiwan.

unfortunately shadowfox most malaysian have short memory and are very forgiving, so by the next GE, most ppl would have forgotten about all these zakaria issue, except for ppl like us and the oppositions.