Sunday, July 09, 2006

thats all folks

this is it, the last curtain before another 4 years. tonight's is the night. world cup final night.

france vs italy

whether it is the italians actors or the french rioters, it doesnt matter any more. we had a good show overall. good referee, bad referee, good games, bad games, goaless games, 6 goals games, booking games, controversial games, you name it, that game was there. maybe not the brazillian samba. but there was some portuguese samba. at least they speak the same language. like the advert on tv, we the doctors/lawyers/engineers/teachers/company secretaries/ students / artists/mamak stalls /home makers/pasar malam traders/beggars / taxi drivers and many many more ppl in all sorts of professions and careers had one thing in common to talk about beside malaysian politics, the beautiful game. suddenly we were the coaches /commentators / sport pundits / bookies/ gamblers / tacticians/ strategists / etc/. as if we really know more football than the guy on the tv screen.

one thing i like abt the world cup is that my lo-poh wont nagged me if i dont want to sleep. i wont hear things like "chi ma kan, kei tim cho nei chong moy fun" what can i say, i wanted to be the first to comment on angel ! all she'll say, dont forget to wake up the next morning. its the world cup the whole world understands the importance of it.

well till 2010 i bid my farewell to the world cup.



angel said...

*LOLOL* Oi, I hv an open bet in my blog. U wanna bet?? ;)

ducky said...

bet oledi, if you lose, you owe 3 diapers ! mami poko ok ? size L.

angel said...

ei, i win liao! gimme my kopi!!! :P