Monday, July 10, 2006

Lina Joy ? conversion to christian ? hello ?

Ok, world cup is over, its time to write on serious stuff again.

You heard of the lina joy case ? well if you are a Christian and have been going to church regularly, you would know that churches around Malaysia are praying for her.

Just in case you didn’t know abt this lina joy case, to summarize, azlina jailani was/is (depends on how you see it) a muslim. She converted/did not convert (syariah court didn’t allowed) to Christianity and wanted the islam on her IC to be removed, but was not allowed, though she got her name changed though by the same NRD dept ???!!!

strange right, when you changed your name especially when you are a malay (islam) nobody bothered to stop you, but when you want the word islam being removed from your IC, its not allowed. I mean if your name was mohd ali and you want to change it to timothy david, the NRD would definitely ask why right ? and of course you would say, you converted to Christian. So Nrd say ok ? change name fine but cannot removed that world islam from your IC ? once again, strange right ?

ok, as I was saying, churches around Malaysia are praying for her, and if you are a believer of this faith, the you know that when 2 or more brother & sister come together to pray for a common cause, god will answer. And most church leaders think so.

So is ducky a strong believer ? difficult to say. Since if the court allows her to convert, this would set a precedent in Malaysia, that muslim can convert to other religion. which I think the islam gamen wont approve. Why then do you think the project mahathir in sabah was done in the first place.

Since my world cup prediction was as good as Ghana playing USA in the final, I would say a win for lina but maybe under special case/ruling which might even have interference from the Pm and even the king just to make it one of a kind and not a precedent.


Yodaddy said...

now, who is gonna comment on this?

let me be the first to kick it off....

actually..who gives a frack? convert from islam to christian? very much like out of the pan and into the fire to me.

Back to the point, the point is, does it matter what your ic says? if lina joy is a christian, then she is one. if she is a muslim, then she is a muslim. Dont think the ic matters at all.

2 person pray can make wish come true? riiiiggghhhtttt...

ducky said...

nobody i guess ?

actually it does, cause when they look at the Ic, you are a muslim. period. fullstop.

you see its a big deal, cause it will set a precedent. well on the praying thing, you need to be a believer. which you are not. so it wont apply to you.

Anonymous said...

You know what god will say?

See you in hell, Ms. Joy. :P

Yodaddy said...

anon- unlikely that god is able to say that, unless god himself lives in hell.

ducky - i eat my word, there is one.

My Ic says that i am a buddhist. But you know me lah...Do you really think MYKad is some sort of ultimate religious object that ones religion are determined by MYKad?

Typical religious (pseudo)logic. but i am not asking whether can apply to me or not. I am not born yesterday to ask this type of question. Rather, if it can be applied to believers, like say, your goodself, how can it be that lina joy or whoever wants to murtad, you cannot WISH for their safe passage?

ducky said...

see u in hell ? nah. believer of another faith i see.

i thought u are one, but then again. the nameless one.

my ic does not state my religion, but the chip does. well u know lah its not abt the card, its the system. dont you think it is strange that in the 21st century, you still have no freedom to choose your own religion ? but force onto one for life. i guess thats why so many kwai loh opt for kahwin siam.

its not a wish, as simply you put it. its a prayer request. and not all request are fulfilled in the way we want it. as the big guy dont really think like we do.

angel said...

No one comment? I'll just comment for the sake of commenting... my comment is, No Comment. How abt that? Liuliu hor? :P

Yodaddy said...

For the IC thingy, IF by mistake your IC shows that you are buddhist/hindu, would you have to murtad your christian and join buddhist/hindu religion?

a prayer request not being answered all/most of the time in the way we want it to be? Very much like those people who throw coins in to a pond of koi fishes and wish for something. because the kois dont think like we do, the wish might not be answered in the way that we want it to be.

Inevitable said...

this topic a bit deep for me lah ... so no comment

ducky said...

only islam need to murtad, any other religion you have the freedom of choice lah.

the koi pond, they rare fish lah, ppl throw coin inside for what ? some more throw 1 cent, the most 50 cent, where got wishes so cheap wan ?

Anonymous said...

In the first place, only a fucked up shithole like Malaysia will embed your religion in your ID.

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Well, it's definitely a catch 22. I'd say let Lina have her Joy. :-)

Yodaddy said...

my expression of murtad should be read as leaving the religion.

So how much does those wishees(?) pay at your church? how much is their wish worth? Now even god wants under table money is it?

ducky said...

i think they should only embed religion for islam only lah. since theirs religion is for life.

yeah and a whole other bandwagon waiting eagerly behing her.

to answer a simple question, i would simply ask them to change my religion to christian.
come on lah, you are running away from the topic oledi. that koi pond is a koi pond, its not a wishing pond or well. why ppl get confused. money only reffered to your koi pond not praying for something.

Yodaddy said...

what running away? i was trying to show you the similiarity between your prayer and the people who wish upon a koi pond. They both end up not having their wish. because their bigdaddy does not think the way we think. I was wanting to go deeper into it when you conviniently shifted the topic to the cheap wishes by stating it was 1 sen to 50 sen per wish.

moo_t said...

Too much resources and time is wasted over the religious issue.

Nevertheless, putting the religious in the IC is the STUPIDIEST thing to do. The funny things is, the lounder voice that support putting the religious column in IC only show those people has little FATE on their own belief. It is comparable to the "Saya Anti-rasuah" badges. ROFL.

quan said...

yo.. my first time here.. but i been keepin up with the lina joy thingy.

anyway, i agree with moo_t,

religion should not be on MYKad. Seriously, what purpose does it serve? Its like when you convert to this or that religion u have to report to the authorities or something? what if i suddenly feel like i'm an atheist? what will they state there?

on another note... i realli wonder if there are any Mykads with 'atheist' stated as the religion~

ducky said...

yoda's ic has atheist stated on it quan.