Friday, July 28, 2006

fuck the gamen for wanting to regulate our blog.

I thought I was going to give the gamen a break today by not fucking them. But then again, after reading this article in malaysiakini, I changed my mind.

Regulate bloggers and internet media ?

What is there to regulate ? if the gamen allowed the print media to report the actual near truth, then there is no need for internet media. The very reason ppl turn to internet media is because of the frustration they get by reading the bias lop sided news in the newspaper. You know its biased, I know its biased, the editor and columnist know it is biased, but still they published it. It’s like fucking with our mentality. You think we stupid or what ?

And if the newspaper actually blame the internet media for their dropping sales, then don’t point the fingers at us, point it back at your masters. This is like the original cd/cassette/tape vendors blaming the pirates for their decrease in sales. Even if there was no pirate, no way you can gain that lost for yourself.

Pirates exist because the original goods are super inflated with all kind of red tape bureaucracy horse shit cost. Same goes for the newspaper. Horse shit for your reading pleasure.

As usual the gamen does not understand between one giving their opinion and one telling horse shit stories. Most responsible bloggers post stories after checking out some sources and if there are no reliable sources, they say in their most humble opinion, who and who should be fuck and shit like that. It is after all one person opinion which he or she likes to share with the www.

On the other hand, horse shit stories don’t go far, cause ppl that read online news knows how to differentiate between real or fake, right ? cause but if it’s a menj then its an extreme news.

so in my most humble opinion the gamen decide to fuck with another one of our freedom rights.


Yodaddy said...

off course what AAB says is correct. We should always check out the news from respectable print of alternative news. Than we would know that Israel is just defending itself. We should not believe the lies that is spreading throught the internet of Israel invading Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

I would really love to see those fucktards try to regulate the www and see how they make a fool out of themselves and drive away the investors.

By the next General Election if they still win by a large majority margin, you can safely say Malaysians are fucked for good.

Anonymous said...

these fucktards should "regulate" themselves first. When Fucktawi ordered a gag-order on the Article 11 issue, I believe Malaysia is heading towards a NEW direction among the non-muslims.

Inevitable said...

Welcome to Malaysia, the land where everyone knows about it but no one is doing anything to fix it

Inevitable said...

Bro, mana you?

ducky said...

still here, tax man is busy. no time to blog. just reading and commenting.

Yodaddy said...

em...ducky is maintaining his elegant silence now....his son in law is currently in charge here.

By the order of his highness Son in law, bless us all by the Father, the sonin law and maha spirit. amen.


Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Also in my most humble opinion the gamen good in cleaning areoplane head

ducky said...

today is friday, i should have some balls to fuck the gamen right ?