Wednesday, July 05, 2006

fuck germany lost.


germany lost.

i hate the italian football team, i hate their fake/fall/dive/pain/ acting. thats what the italian team represent to me. great footballers ? never in my books. every single minutes of the match, you can bet some italian players will be lying on the field with some kind of injury. from knee to face. are the italians so fragile ?

to make matter worst, germany played a fuck-up game. its like wasting 2.5 hours of my precious morning sleep just to watch some idiots kick the damn ball above the goal post all the time. i have no idea what balleck contributes. cause from what i see, he does nothing. he cant even aim his kick, its always from the 35 yard line. left, right or all the way to the top, never accurate. all the german players do is bring the ball until the penalty box and then lose the ball to the italians. they did this whole night long. klinsmann should resign as coach.

germany lost made my previous post redundant and made me look like a blardy fool. the only consolation is i dont bet.

tonight portugal go against france. if france win, i wont be watching the final.


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

No worries, we all make mistakes. :-) At least you're man enough to admit it. Yes, Ballack was disappointing in my view, but I'm guessing he's not fully fit. Klinsmann would never take his captain off, because he can turn a game with one moment of brilliance. He should've not brought on Schweinsteiger for Borowski because that just weakened the midfield for the Italians to run riot. The better team won, hands up.

There's no conspiracy in football except the ones that fans conjure up as an excuse...except the Korean team in 2002 ;-)

ducky said...

so shall we cheer for portugal instead to avenge the loss of germany ?
but i guess you would prefer france instead portugal in the final as mentioned in your blog.

Dragon City said...

don't worry...Portugal won't lose!!

Inevitable said...


Anonymous said...

Match fixing lah. The italian mafias are influencing WC.

angel said...

Oi, u skeds of that anonymous ar? Cheh...

U say oni u won't be watching the finals if france won... i bet u still will watch wan... :P

angel said...

Italy vs France, liu sure liu won't be watching? Liu sure???

ducky said...

aiyoh friend portugal lost already. also like germany cannot find the net. i actually kesian the coach more than the players lah.

sigh also no use. i heard they burned the statue of ronaldo in brazil, true ah ?

wah this is new to me lah, italian mafia, then i guess the japanese yakuza was influencing the 2002 WC lah, right or not ? then if ever held in malaysia, the khairy & companion lah. i dont know lah. now a days world cup dont seem to represent the beautiful game already. its all about the politics, bureaucracy and of course money.

yes lah i sked of anom, everyday write nonsense, other ppl read my blog also make bad impression of me. think i some kind of sex craze person.

i wont watch the final on monday morning thats for sure. but i might watch the repeat, kahkahkah.

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

I'm hoping for old man Zidane to inspire France to another victory. As for the Italians, they should meet up with Portugal after the world cup and contest for the following oscars;

1) Performance by an actor in a leading role
2) Performance by an actor in a supporting role
3) Performance by an actress in a leading role (Totti)
4) Achievement in visual effects