Saturday, July 22, 2006


looks like i'm a little late on the upm crowd buster thing. didnt know it was so a big deal until i saw the video on malaysiakini. saw the pictures though, but the 6 min clip really shock me.

reminded me of the FRU at the Klcc fuel protest. what do you get for being a pro-establishment member ? graduate from upm ?

ok since its old story i wont go into detail. cant really comment any way, since the audio was pretty bad and cant really hear what all the shouting was all about. but the body action was obvious. in the absense of the camera, blood would have been spilt. believe me. this shouting kids has been train and commanded from the authorities, else they wont be acting so arrogantly like their father own the upm. isnt it obvious, about a week, and still no action taken, the camera was a spoiler for sure for this shouting kids.

if this happen under normal circumstances in a lets say a school, suspension would be considered, since there was threat being made or at least that was what it look like to me. with threats, you got to call the cops, make a police report and investigate. any investigation ? by the university authorities ? yes i forgot, the cops said its an internal thing. so no investigation by them.

but what really shock me, if you didnt realised from the 6 min clips, was that these 7 kids did not get any help from anybody. they shouted for help, they were threaten non less, they were shouted at, but did anybody came to their rescue ? apparently not. race aside. this is bully. a group of 50 bullied 7 kids. and nobody cares. all those that sat around the cafeteria just mind their own business.

listen, one day when you get mug, and you shout for help, and ppl just ignore you, just remember when you ignored those poor 7 kids at the cafeteria. its the same. its not about a bigger crowd, its about caring. that is what we have all lost. CARE.


Anonymous said...

This is only a tip of the iceberg.

Like i've said before, blood will be spilled one day.

Malaysia is on a ticking time bomb.

Of course, many dismiss me as a ranting negative naysayer.

But the writing is on the wall.

Ignore at your peril.

May 13th is bound to be repeated judging from the way the govt are brainwashing the younger generations nowadays.

I am extremely pessimistic about the future of Malaysia.

There're just too many starbucks yuppies nowadays.

philters said...

better starbucks yuppies than racists, no?


Inevitable said...

hmm... boleh beritau apahal ah? Nanti mati pun tak tahu kenapa

angel said...

*ting tong ting tong*
Nobody home?
Faster kambek!

I still owe u a movie, hor? ;)

Yodaddy said...

nobody cared. nobody needs to care. in some ways this is good. It shows that most students there are non political. These are what we want. A new generation of people who does not have any political inclinations. It is without a doubt that BN manages to be in power through the creation of people who swear by BN no matter what, through some sort of pseudo religious type of worship.

Some time ago, if you are to take any stand which opposes the BN, you would be facing 10 million drones from BN denouncing you. Nowadays BN would be lucky if there were 100 drones that comes to their defence.

You see, it could be much worse. The 7 person might have been up against 90% of the universiti if this event were to happen 10-15 years ago.