Friday, July 14, 2006

it wasnt the dutch, it was hang tuah & gang

Have you read the news recently ?

Apparently, since the gamen cannot control the old tun & co. blabber mouth, they have decided to start the re-education from the menara gading. Some kind of booklet has surface trying to paint a very beautiful picture of BN and reasons for scraping mega projects to hike in petrol prices to the Uni students.

And if this is not enough, the Ministry of Higher Education has made it mandatory for university students to study a new subject called Ethnic Relations beginning this year’s academic session.

But apparently according to Prof Dr Khoo Kay Kim, the subject, has describe that Dap was the cause of may 13 incident and Indian youth pulak on the kampung medan incident.

So instead of trying to re-educate us, the gamen will just lie to us. It is quite serious, as young ppl nowadays are not so fond of reading up on history and would actually believe what the gamen tell them.

Most of my young colleagues (23 & below) actually loves the Bn, and they despise me for supporting Dap. Don’t know why.

Since the gamen is in the mind of fooling us, why not all the way back.

If that is the case, why not just rewind back till 1400++ when Portuguese was here and instead of the dutch defeating the Portuguese, said it was the bravery of the legendary hang tuah & company and the taming sari together with the bravery of tun perak & whatever tun at that time being summon by the sultan of melaka then, all of them would reply “mana titah tuanku patik dijunjung”.

Why not stop there, we can go on to the bukit kepong incident, and claimed that was how the komunis was rid off Malaya then.

And for pride sake, say Singapore begged Malaysia to retain them in Malaysia, but we say hell fucking no.

And also for pride sake, proton was a national success, which made Malaysia the 1st country in south east asia to build a national car and the first country in the world to sell off a motor company for 1 euro dollar.


Anonymous said...

The corrupt racist government of Malaysia seems to want to produce intellectually castrated younger generations that are subservient and won't question the authority.

But we all know that without critical thinking, there can be no creativity and people will not be able to think out of the box.

The reason why your friends prefer to believe the bullshit that the government feeds them, is simply because it is EASIER for them to be spoonfed the information, instead of finding out for themselves the truth and the reason why our government is so hideously corrupt, racist, inefficient and totally fucked up.

The education system of this country is so broken that it causes the generation nowadays to suffer from brain rot.

They're so used to being spoonfed, so it is only natural that you see them rather believing the half-truths or lies because it is easier to do so, instead of having to dig out the truth and doing self research (This is too much work for the younger generations nowadays, they're spoilt rotten by the spoon-feeding education system, and it stretches into their intellect as well.)

Their lazyness extends into their intellectual capacity and it is clearly visible in their attempts to job hunt.

This sort of intellectual rot is applicable to Malaysians of ALL races, Chinese, Indian, Malays. No one is exempted.

At the rate of the way things are going, this country is going to hell.

Malaysia has already gone to the dogs, and soon, we will all feel the aftermath/heat of being left behind, economically, financially, intellectually, morally and democratically.

Be afraid, be very afraid, the day will come when the little Bosnia of South East Asia manifests itself and our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will pay the price with their blood and we are all guilty of it.

Enjoy your life while you still can. The regression of Malaysia cannot be stopped unless the people are willing to put their foot down and start wanting changes and forcing it radically.

All these bread and butter talk and worries will just be our downfall as we only look at things in the short term.

The corrupt must not be allowed to get away with their actions, or we and our children will pay the price in blood.

Yodaddy said...

These are cons done by the govt to bullshit the people to believe what they want you to believe.

But who is to blame????

The people of course. who ask the 'believers' to be so damn stupid to believe blatant lie by the govt with unsupported or misrepresented so called facts.

And when their 'facts' cannot stand the test of logic and science, they would urge you to believe it on faith.....I can almost imagine Nazri to say " you have to BELIEVE to understand the truth. If you DONT BELIEVE, you will not see the truth"

ducky said...

shadowfox i thank you for such a thorough review and reply of my thoughts. and i thank you for putting up my thoughts in your posting.

well yoda if you are already been taught that that is the truth, how would you know that it was a lie. a lie if told in full honestly and form is almost as if it was the truth.

Yodaddy said...

well ducky, the answer to your question is being sceptic. especially when it is about things which is 'claimed' to be the truth from politicians and religion people

Anonymous said...

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