Friday, July 07, 2006

its friday, lets make fun of the old tun

Does anyone knows at all what is actually happening in our local political scene ? it seems to look much like the world cup with a lot of surprise winners. You now got more and more Mp and gamen officials standing up and pointing fingers here and there except themselves for all kind of allegations and contracts to mercedez benz. And not forgetting the old tun.

It looks like the more the old tun sings, the more skeletons are being dugged up. Slowly more and more ppl are being call to be accounted for. What’s happening man ? is the old tun losing his mind ? or is he kicking the bucket soon ? well he is not that old anymore you know.

Think of it, maybe the old tun is kicking the bucket anytime soon, and he wish to depart with a clean slate. And to do this, he has to sing like a canary whole day long, as he was at the throne for 20 years right ? from his proton project in the early 80’s to the scenic bridge, that’s a lot of singing to do. And I guess he has already made the maths on his average daily singing to the day he kick his bucket, and it seems he doesn’t have enough days to sing.

so he conjured up his old comrade like that guy Matthias, then tajudin ramli. Together they tried to get najib & daim to sing as a band, but najib who still thinks that he will be the next Pm, do not want to have anything to do with it. Daim who thinks he will out live the old tun also dun want anypart of this. So as to get a chorus of ppl to join the sing along, he talked to dap, pas & pkr.

Personally if the old tun wants to make an album of his singing sensation, then I would suggest he create a blog call, eg,, with self title old-tun-sings-like-a-canary. I guess some of his hits will include.

1. how I fuck up the gamen with my proton project
2. oh my putrajaya
3. my dear friend anwar
4. I was once Malaysian richest !
5. i have najib balls is in my bedroom drawers

sometimes I kill my self.


Inevitable said...

wait until the old tun balik from vacation... see what he has to say abt tajuddin's revelation...

angel said...

i'm sure he got blog wan... no meh??

ducky said...

my saviour ?

dont think so.