Thursday, July 27, 2006

lets take a small look at apostasy for islam

what do you expect from our ball-less leader. things get too hot, pull the plug. gets any hotter, goes for a holiday. unlike the reality of most average malaysian, when things get hot, you stand up and demand to be heard. if it gets hotter, than you take off your shirt and prepare for some shit. but our leader is trying to teach us something else, when things goes a little out of control, run away, facing the problem is never the best solution.

as i thought the ifc & the article 11 is finally going somewhere, the Pm pulled the plug. no more the man said. no more talk on islam. you know what that means. non-muslim cannot talk about islam in any manner they wishes. its a no brainer and a non stop attack on the non-muslim. fine but that wont stop us from talking abt it during lunch and dinner. and while i'm taking a dump.

religious freedom is alive and kicking in the 21st century whether you like it or not. not all christian family children remain christian. they have their right and own free will to choose their own religion. yes we can guide them, but it is their own decision to embrace whatever religion they so choose. religion is always personal. its between the individual and god. period. it has nothing to do with another person or you.

personally i think apostasy in islam is a little out dated in the 21st century. just like israel living out its prophecy and blasting the daylights out of the palestinians and which ever other countries it think it should.

well i didnt the quran, so i have no idea what it is said in there. so i'm not going to quote anything or translate anything from there. but i saw this extract on the net and i wonder how true is it ?

There are many ways in which a person can be regarded as having rejected Islam:

They might burn the Qur'an out of contempt.

They might soil the Qur'an, "(such as putting it in a holy place that has become dirty, or staining it with an unclean substance, such as turning its pages with fingers that have been licked)."

A Muslim becomes an apostate if he or she "enters a church, worships an idol, or learns and practices magic..."

They might state that the universe has always existed from eternity.

They might believe that transmigration of souls or reincarnation happens at death.

"...a Muslim becomes an apostate if he defames a prophet's character, morals, virtues, or religion, if he accuses angels of having bad qualities, or if he questions the efficacy of a prophet's asceticism."

lick his fingers and turn the pages ? enter a church ?

i saw a muslim women in my church before during a funeral to pay her respect to her in law. condemn to death ?

i'm speechless.


etech said...

exactly!!..i've seen many muslims enter my own church to (malaysian and indonesians)...death penalty?
what a joke :P

Liew said...

We really should have separation of mosque and state. Our parents tax money used to send these ppl to oversea universities didn't produce any future leaders but extremists.

ducky said...

ok, etech, maybe i'm wrong on this and maybe the author was a extremist. i asked one of my malay colleague, he said he attends church wedding all the time. apostasy does not exist there. he said he attends with a joyful heart that his friend is getting married.

emph, have not thought of that yet, all i was pissed was wasting money on a retard. now you make me realised that we might also be funding terrorist. shit.

Anonymous said...

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

Anonymous said...

Here's a little look at apostasy in Islam.

Nothing in the Quran states that apostasy is punishable in this world, whatever the punishment, it will take place in the hereafter, according to the Quran.

Not once within the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was an apostate put to death for apostasy. Though a group of apostates were put to death for committing murder and mutilating the corpse of the victims.

To Muslims the Quran is divine. And to reject the Quran is to reject Islam. But to reject a hadith, a Shariah law, a ruling by a scholar is not a rejection of the religion itself, because all of these are not divine.(Though a rejection of the whole body of hadiths would be a rejection of Islam as it amounts to rejecting the Messenger.)

That apostasy is punishable by death is the opinion of some scholars and their opinion is not divine and nor is it free from error. There are other scholars whose opinions differs from this. The punishment of death for apostates is a rare or may I venture, unheard of occurrence in this present day (though I may be wrong), I, personally have not heard of it happening. Malaysia does not have the death penalty for apostates. And it is a Muslim country.

There are no terrorist hijackings in Malaysia, suicide bombings in our public places, terrorist kidnappings of your children, yet you call Malaysian Muslims terrorists.

Undeniably the general view is that Malays are lazy. And this view is not without basis. But your hate is not constructive.

You seek to discredit Islam, yet you do so from the point of ignorance. That is actually hatred disguised as intelligence. You fool no one but yourself.

You say that religion is a matter between individuals and God. Yet I read you are earnest about converting others to your religion. How would you take it if your children left your religion? Would you be as gracious about it inside, as you have indicated you would be?

Why are you so passionate about putting down Islam? Is it insecurities about your own religion? Do you feel your faith reaffirmed by putting down the religion of others? Does your faith require such shallow bolsterings?

We live in a multi cultural, multi religious society. Tolerance is the key to a peaceful coexistence. And from there we work on improving our community. Like the problems of Malays, apartheid like rights of the Bumis etc.

There must also be trust. Trust that all care for the well being of others. But how can there be trust, when you have so much hate?

I don't hate you, but I dont understand you. You seem intelligent, well spoken (minus the derogative terms you are fond of using), and you seem to pride yourself on these things, but you are like a a beautiful shell that's empty, in this case bereft of wisdom.

For the sake of Malaysia, for the sake of Malaysians be they Malays, Chinese or Indians, I hope that there are not many like you.

Malaysia is so beautiful and I love it wholeheartedly. It would be that much more beautiful when it's people are kind, respectful to each other.

Don't you appreciate the differences between us? The colours, richness and passion that this mix of races and religions gives us?

Chinese should not care only for the chinese, the Malays only for the Malays, the Indians only for the Indians.

We as humans should care for others, and since we are Malaysians, living united in this country, we should care for all Malaysians.