Thursday, July 20, 2006

lets make a truly historical malaysia movie

ok, the ball-less one, does actually has some balls to retract the ehtnic relations book back. a revised new book will be author and subsequently re-introduce.

now, what interest me is, how this new book will re-tell those interesting historical incidents. to tell the so called truth (unless you we actually there in 1969 may 12-14 to witness the before and after, which i just re-read the tunku book) of the events that happened. would the current gerakan now a Bn component party approved to such book, which equaled them with Dap then ? and the kg medan incident ? mutual mis-understanding ? i think so, the best way to describe both this incidents are as mutual misunderstanding among the races. period, full stop. no blaming & no finger pointing.

the rest of the other controversial issues, either omitted or if included then it must tell a balanced story and not another fairy tale like the current one. and who should better to scrutinised the book than our beloved Professor Emeritus Dato' Dr Khoo Kay Kim. such a distinguish historian would not lie right ?

better yet, scrap the book and the course. as much as the original (which i wonder, if there was any) good intention of the course, i doubt it will ever achieve in malaysia, with our Bn gamen mentality, (maybe not even with the opposition gamen) that the gamen is all good. and make a film. yes a malaysian no holds bare historical film based on actual truth not lies, produced by lets say swifty ? Yasmin Ahmad ? amir muhammad ? or any other big balls producer/director.

think of it, a blockbuster historical movie from the time of the japanese occupation till the old tun was the Pm. a 3 hour show. take 10 years to produce it, but let it be real. show a young mahathir, a young anwar, a young badawi, a young tunku, a young boon siew (honda), a young lim goh tong, a young everyone that has inspire malaysia to be what it is today. a movie that we can we watch and enjoy together, a movie that we can recognise old monuments and building and structures that our grandpa use to tell us, a movie that will make us weep because it is emotional significance, a multi lingual movie, a truly malaysian movie that we can all relate to.

but most of all we must all be mature enough to understand that historical past, good or bad, strengthen and mold us to what we are today.

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