Monday, July 03, 2006

i think germany is going to win, really, seriously.

well i wasnt surprise that brazil lost to france, just that it was only far too early of an exit. i thought it was going to be at the finals, when all bets are made to the max. maybe the quarter finals bets was already too good of an opportunity to rake it big by the bookies, hence the early exit.

i didnt actually watch the match, as a 3am match, i rather be zleepinzzzzzz. i watched the repeat though, but just the ending, i wanted to see whether the samba boys cried or not. they didnt. the world champions didnt cry. i guess lifting the cup for the 6th time wasnt a big occasion. but instead big fat swiss bank account seems to matter most.

the english cried, all of them cried. god save the queen, not the football team. portugal was the better team anyway. i actually prefered a portugal vs brazil match, as this would be an all portuguese affair. the portuguese speaking brazillian vs the portuguese it self. plus a ex-brazillian coach. wouldnt that make a great match.

after that germany beat the argentine match, which with that very bad referee. it is obvious, that germany is going to win no matter what. they got the ref and the fifa officials. its going to be germany holding that cup. it has nothing to do with the bookies. its all abt germany.


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

You sound like a sour grape when you say that Germany will win because of the ref and FIFA. They beat Argentina fair and square. None of the 50-50 calls would've changed the result if ALL of them had gone Argentina's chill..

ducky said...

sour grapes aside, i see you are a german fan. personally i fancy the germans as well. but i rather see a fair match than a lop sided one. maybe i'm naive to watching football, but that match certainly went sour for the argentines as soon as they were ahead 1 nil. i intent to watch the repeat of the match again, and i believe what i saw was real, and you should too, maybe with the sound muted, so you will not be influence by the commentator.

meekiee said...

Neva for Germany!

Inevitable said...

Both Argentina and Germany played really well. It is the keeper that makes the different... and I know Lehman gonna do it, same goes to Ricardo. These keepers have what it takes to save penalty.

ducky said...

the italians won and that made my post totally redundant and made me look like a farking idiot.