Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why Japan lost WWII

Last night i watched Letters from Iwo Jima.

Depending on the accuracy of the show, if that is as real as it was, then it would have been obvious.

You would need to see the show yourself to see why. But of course everyone has their own point of view. And history books put it as a very fierce defending by the imperial troops.

After losing out Mt. Suribachi, the remaining troops were told to regroup at the northen part, but what did the leaders felt that they should do ? take a grenade pull out the pin and placed it at their heart and blow themself to pieces. That they call dying in honour.

There is a certain aspect of honour i think this japanese soldiers fail to understand. Like some of those jihad warriors, that has cross their religion boundaries. Why die now, when you can regroup and reenforce to become stronger and have new plans.

I mean if you really want to die in honour, those kamikaze fighters really proof their point. They died and they brought along many others with them, that is real honour. That is war not civilian, ok ?

Talk about wiping out the samurai in "the last samurai", this action of theirs is no different from their samurai brethen, right ?

So why did Japan lost the war ? Obvious right, instead of planning for counter attack or reenforcing their forces, this jap warriors did the only thing that was drilled into that thick skull of theirs, dying for your country is an honour. So instead of trying again, which they felt was a retreat of cowardness, they blew themselve apart.

ok, maybe this could been only in iwo jima, troops were tired, dehydrated, low on morale and a one time thing. maybe i'm wrong. i didnt do any detail anaylsis on the history of japanese war during wwII. but it is a thought, nonetheless.

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