Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chinese commentating in F1 is SUPERR !

Even with my half past six cantoenese, I have been listening to 98.8 in the morning and in the evening nowadays. And just out of curiosity i wanted to know what & was talking about. While 98.8 as usual was talking about current economical/political/social issues, was talking about pointless sensesless issues like 'do you like your partner to choose what you wear or something like that' and after waiting for the duo to finish doing their hyena laugh i couldnt take it anymore. after passing through mix & hitz, i wasnt interested in what fly had to offer.

who the fuck actually wants to know all this irrelevant issues, its not humurous nor educational, not even a slight entertaining. it's just rubbish and more rubbish. which makes me wonder, if that is all the english speaking rakyat of malaysia is interested about. learn to laugh like hyena, make irritating phone calls, dress your partner or anything else like that 20 Q&A that you can find from those women magazines.

i have 1 young 20+ boy in my office which irritate the hell of me. its like listening to jj & rudy and that whatever in

and furthermore, i took a step more by switching the commentating of sports broadcast in astro from english to chinese, after my friend told me what the chinese commentator said during michael last race for ferrari last year when he did one of the most spectacular overtaking. i dont remember what the english commentator said but apparently the chinese commentator said this which was very true and ever lasting "che san, chan hai che san" which simply translate as F1 king is trully a F1 king.

so i watched last sunday spanish grand prix in chinese and it was superr. if you understand chinese, i suggest you make that switch if you havent. you wont regret it. the english commentators are by the way hopeless. unfortunately tv3 & 8tv dont bring in the live telecant anymore, as the commentating by martin brundle & co. is worth listening to.

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