Friday, May 04, 2007

Flags of our Fathers

Who the fuck would have known that Mr. Dirty Harry made 2 war movies last year and made it sorta link to each other.

Apparently Letters from Iwo Jima ("LfIJ") & Flags of our Fathers (FooF) are both movies on the battle of Iwo Jima, with the later focusing on the Americans and the former in my previous post.

Just watched 40 minutes of it before i was too tired and felt asleep, this is not an indication that the movie is dull, ok. Kinda reminded me of Saving Private Ryan with the beach running and all.

Strangely, LfIJ focused more on the individual and not the strategic warfare, which i felt should have been the primary focus. FooF showed how well the Japs fortification were on the Island. But you dont feel and see that in LfIJ.

One thing that really made me wonder is the american life savers and protectors ie, the police, fire fighters, paramedics, coast guard rescue swimmers, etc, they seem to be able to put the life of those that they are going to save above themself, which i doubt any Asian can.

Just take the Medics from FooF, they risk life and limb running into the battlefield to save lifes, carrying them, with their backs against the enemy.

In Conclusion, a universal known fact, wars are not about helping helpless countries under tyrany, its not about getting rid of oppressor, its just personal gain for power and money. Power gain by winning wars and conquering mountains and hills by sacrificing millions of soldiers that went to war under the impression of "Uncle Sam" needs you. And next to power, money, the money made from selling of guns and mass destruction weapons to the highest bidder whether they are your enemy or not.

And lastly, when you see a soldier being shot or blown to pieces just as they sat foot on the battlefield, you can see and feel the pointlessness of war.

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