Friday, May 11, 2007

That big new leaking building in Duta

My 10 years old something apartment is not leaking. It doesnt cost a bomb, and its not a shack. The only works i did was for my toilet floor. Which after paying 1K for it, doesnt leak to my downstairs anymore. And that was 1 in a 10 years repair.

Even my Dad in Law house which is like 50 years old does not leak a single drop.

So how on earth can a spanking new building which on another hand is suppose to be the world largest court house be leaking ? The part which is mentioned world largest should have put some significance to it. But unfortunately in boleh-land, only the word that mentions "world largest" is important. Whether it was build on the swamp or smack in the middle of no one land is irrelevant.

So we come back to my house which i believe is built by reputable contractors since it did not leak in the first place and that the new court complex is built by non-reputable contractors. So why are non-reputable contractors are being awarded to built the world largets court complex ? I believe our twin towers are being built by somewhat the best of the best, being tallest and all.

Unless there is no significant in building the world largest court complex, but why must it be the world largest ? Its not that we have outstanding judges that pass extraordinary judgement that make world class headlines for other like commonwealth countries to follow as precedent. But instead we have dickhead judges that seem to have no thinking ability of their own but to blindly follow likewise dickhead judges judgement.

In short all malaysian now whether BN supporters or not can clearly see how their Govt spend their tax money - Cheapest contractor + Big Project = Maximum Gain.

So what the fuck are you waiting for, lets go start a construction company, get ali & abu as director and shareholder, we'll get our shovel ready !


pablopabla said...

Lawyers in Malaysia need not wear wigs but they must wear helmets if they go over to the new court house.

Yodaddy said...

As far as i know, the subcon for Twin towers and putrajaya are the same culprits...not sure about duta though. Twin towers is under the maincon of jap/korean contractors Sumitomo and Samsung, they must somewhat "ensure" the quality.

the reason that your house is not leaking but those govt buildings are, is beacause if your house is leaking, you would complain but now the owners of the govt buildings, the govt themselves are not/dare not/cannot complain.

personally i am avoiding any govt buildings and putrajaya buildings if i can help it. BTW it is not merely leaking...collapsing ceiling should be the main course of concern here!!

ducky said...

Better yet pablo, have a big sign outside the complex that reads "building in progress" forever.

ducky said...

Precisely yoda, the world tallest building is being built by reputable contractors but the world largest court complex is by pembangunan ali & abu sdn bhd.

lamechop said...

although i still don't have the "ability" to submit my tax (wish i wont ever submit tax to the G) after reading what the G is doingwith the taxpayer money... i feel "heart pain" on behalf of the Malaysian taxpayers... come on 22m for inspection is nonsense... maybe too many middleman to pay... please spend wisely... and how much to spend for our "prestigious" court...??? come on lar... 1st world facility 3rd world mentality... bravo...