Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lina Joy denied freedom

After much wait, the verdict came out.

Lina Joy remains a muslim.

Very smart move by the authorities to pro-long the decision, as you know in Malaysia, the longer any issues are being pro-long, the faster we forgot. So the question, have we forgotten about it. Personally ducky is not that mad. Just thought of it as an election decision. You know that famous phrase by that youth leader waving his keris and all.

But is it a smart decision ?

Rather i would say, since the chances of Christians rioting on the streets are much slimmer than say a muslim burning an efigy of the cross with JC on it. Not to say the christian would not revolt, but chances are less.

So lets say, out of the blue, you go to church this Sunday, and your pastor says that we have to fight this injustice that is happening to Lina Joy, Who will join me in a protest march.

Would you do it ?

I'm not going to church this week.


Rauff said...

I know I wont... I am a muslim. But still by law in our religion apostasy is actually punishable by death if all else fails.

NickTay said...

The bible actually tells us, that we WILL suffer for our faith, and that to consider suffering for it to be a blessing.

Yodaddy said...

ducky, the ONLY reason that christians here would not riot here and that muslims will is that in malaysia, christians are a minority. In a christian majority area, there might be demonstrations, but given the right circumstances, i dont see why christians is less likely to riot compared to muslims. Remember, they share the same core beliefs, just with a different last "phrophets"

ducky said...

rauff, i believe in indonesia they allow conversion out of islam, and that is from the world largest islam populated nation.

well in that case, why not we convert into islam for fun, then convert out with all this obstacle so that we can receive all this blessings.

well, if history serve me right, most malays in this country swam across the selat to become the so call bumi, and by comparison, their counter parts over the other selat had held more riots and demonstration then those here. but then again with the govt holding their ultimate trump card 'may 13' incident, what can we say.

Anonymous said...

That Lina Joy is freaking 42 not 24!!!!She should put on her thinking cap and go figure out the next course of action and how she wish to move forward living her life instead of asking the court to decide for her!!!Im surprised the court wanna dwell in her nonsense!!!

im not really against the system for rejecting her becos she is not convincing as well. She dun respect her adopted parents who bring her up. Actually the courts decision is to her advantage also. She had been muslum for the last freaking 42 yrs and becos she wanna married christian so she wanna change faith? Nobody wanna married this kinda girl for the next thousand years!!! lol

Anyway, whatever the courts decision is, her adopted parents heart are already heart-broken.

ducky said...

Are you for real Anom, dont you know that both islam and christianity are the only religion that compells you to convert when you marry into their religion !!?? But of course christians being realistic about it, dont really force anyone to convert.

I bet you would be against the court decision, if the parents were some other religion other than islam!