Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can we compare Christianity & Islam ?

Hell No !, why read on.

I have read some books on comparison between islam and christianity.

But of course this books are written by the christian dude.

Summary of all this books are like this.

The Bible tell tall tales. The historical facts dont tied up. The last days of Jesus are inconsistent. The diciples are liars. Jesus is scared of dying. The Bible consist of many books written by many people, so it is not sacred.

And when you want to compare notes with the quran, this is their answer.
The quran is a holy book written by something something (i dont remember), it is sacred and cannot be judge ! period ! if you do i will kill you or something like that !

My summary, tolerance, quran has none. and thus the followers.

You make your own judgement.

But you know whom am i actually talking to, right ?


Anonymous said...

if ur talking abt Lina Joy, I guess she should at least respect her adopted parents who bring her up from slimy bloody unwanted baby and just go on with whatever religion she is fated with, in this case, the muslum. There is no bad religion in this world, so nobody should be ashamed of whatever religion they are born into.

As this Lina Joy person, i feel she have no gratitute at all to her deserving adopted muslum parents.

Yodaddy said...

Anon, your assertion of there is no bad religion in this world is partly correct, but my point of view is that all religion in the world is 'potentially' which certain so called instructions from god can be interpretated to promote violence....

But your assumption that Lina Joy's parent is heartbroken and all is quite presumptious!! Why would LJ be ingratitude when she merely wants to leave her religion? It is not like she disowned her adoptive parents!!

To intertwine LJ's morality with religion in your above comment, you are showing that you intend to "prosecute" LJ from abandoning her religion through your accusation of her being unfilial, which i believe, is unsubstantiated.

In my opinion, you will fail to convince anyone who does not subscribe to your obviously skewed opinion.

Anonymous said...