Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An accident much awaited for

Ah, finally an accident on the highway that makes people who drives accordingly to the speed limit, put on a big fat smile. I was coming back from Taiping on Sunday afternoon, after the Tapah pitstop, and there was a kiss-kiss-bang-bang of some sort. Since i dont really slow down to look at accident, i just had a glimps, and i was happy with what i saw.

I believe a Camry, 4WD & more 2Litres++ cars were involved in a kiss-kiss-bang-bang.

Why am i happy ? dont you get annoyed, when you drive at the speed limit and you want to overtake that slower car/bus/trailer come this asshole from behind that thinks he owns the highway and drive up your ass with flashing lights, asking you to move over, if the driver had notice, i am trying to do some overtaking here. And no, i do not want to overtake at 140km/h, i am confortable at 110km/h.

When such beautiful things happen to them, i think they just deserve it.

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