Monday, April 30, 2007

What the fuck is wrong with our Indian brethen ?

First of all i'm not going to apologise for what i'm writing now. I dont think i need to. Cause i've been saving their life all this time. And if they dont appreciate it, maybe they can go fuck off.

First of all i dont live in a high indian community place/area/state. i think the place where i stay has a majority of chinese. Somewhere near Salak South. And furthermore, its not that i frequent places where the Indian communities are in large numbers.

Second, Indian in this country are the 3rd largest ethnic group in malaysia. so chances of seeing a malay in this country is can i say 5 times more than an Indian ? or a chinese for that matter 2 to 3 times more than an Indian.

Which brings me to what i'm scribbling here.

The number of times, i had to avoid hitting an Indian on the road is as high as 6 to 1 that i might hit a Chinese or a Malay. If i see an idiot driver on the road, either driving extremely slow on the highway, driving 2 lanes at the same time, coming out of the corner without looking any direction, standing in the middle of the road and having a fucking conversation chances that that is an Indian is 60%.

On trunk roads, i witness this indian family stopping their car on the road and had a long conversation with friends or relatives, not asking for direction for sure. In smaller towns I witness, on a cross junction, 2 indian family cars stopped right smack in the center to have a friendly chat !

Right yesterday in seri kembangan, this indian guy on a bicycle, came out to the main road where there was a lot of cars without even trying to stopped, just swoop passed by me like i wasn't there. I stopped of course, knowing that indian guy is not going to stopped.

which bring to the point, what the fuck is wrong with our indian brethen. my sister said they are colourful people ! i dont really understand what does being colourful has to do with anything.
i have no fucking answer, maybe an Indian brethen can help me out here.

just to be fair, my chinese brethens are mother fuckers when it comes to double parking and que jumping. and our malay brethens are just poor drivers.

happy holidays.


Deeroy said...

I have to agree in some sense that Indian motorist are like that tho not all of them.Two weeks ago there was a hindhu festival thing going on in my place in Butterworth and while driving back home with my wife I had to stop on the middle of the road coz two motorbikes were riding slowly and one of em pillion was playing a mini drum thing and the other was dancing to its tune..I told my wife that surely somebody will die in these few days(i think its a one week festival thing).And guess what, two did!!!! having said all that, freaking idiotic drivers come in many colors(whatever the heck that means).You forgot to mention that 70 percent of traffic jam are caused by freaking chinese coz they just have to slow down and take numbers when an accident had occured.To me that's being disrespectful to the people involved.Lets not even forget the freaking blinding annoying halogen light that even comes in freaking tuttti fruity colors.I believe you're a chinese so would you care to explain that? You just have to admit that there will always be freaking morons on the streets and if you look beyond'll just notice they're morons..simply specific race tags for each kind of morons.

ducky said...

Well deeroy, i did mention that my fellow brethens are mother fuckers as well, stopping at an accident, i believe that is for all the colors in malaysia.
As much as i nearly hit a lot of indians, i believe the most annoying drivers are still the mother fucker chinese that double park their car as and when they wishes.
Colorful in the sense i think is like a jamaican.