Friday, October 10, 2008

I think we will do just fine

I don’t know, I find this a little reassuring, prices coming down to terms with reality.

Banks collapsing, exchange rates breaking resistance lines, stock markets free falling to new lows, but in Malaysia, after running on auto pilot during the Ramadan month, the country continues with its auto pilot mode as it decides who is going to run it for the next 4-5 years.

Kangaroo dollar is now around 2.30, sterling pounds following suit to below 6.00, Indian rupees is also at new low hovering slightly above the 7.00 mark however we can’t even get 100 bhat for RM10 and the fucking dollar will be hitting the 3.50 soon enough.

No I don’t read the WSJ or any much economy journal, nor do I understand much of the cnbc squawk box jargon. It’s Friday.

Call it undemocratic, call is race based, call it NEP, call it anything you want. Say we are uncompetitive compared to South Korea, Singapore or even Taiwan.

But right now, all this unfair policies are our resistance lines.

But if it breaks ? I don’t know I only scored 51 on my economics paper.

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