Friday, September 26, 2008

We are no difference from our corrupted politicians

I have been taking public transport more recently around town, so I hop around in the city trains.

One thing I notice is how selfish and self centered we have become.

Hardly anyone offered any seats to the elderly/pregnant/disable folks.

They can just seat there and not care about those around them, speaking loudly on the phone, talking loudly with their friends, always standing at the front of the doors, blocking the entrance and exits, and silliest of all can’t wait to get in the train before others can get out.

We all talk about our corrupted politicians/leaders how they seem to be putting their interest above us and not bothered about the rakyat at all.

How different are the politician then with us ?

We also ignore the needy people like they ignore their duty to serve us.

We act and serve our own needs like they work for their own gain.

In reality we are no difference from this corrupted politicians we so hate, only difference are the quantum and the impact.

If we really want our future leaders to be responsible folks, then we better change our attitude first. If we don’t change and continue with our tidak apa attitude, we will continue to accept our leaders tidak apa attitude.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ducky, that is the most distasteful oversimplication I have come across. Dont you realise that the biggest difference between us and those politicians is that a) They are utterly corrupt b)They will plunder the nations' wealth at will (call it commissions etc etc) c)They will abuse all the power they have to kill dissent . . . and do you want more? Now do you see the public in this light too? Sure social courtesies is generally lacking - go to Tokyo and you see the same anyway BUT to say we are just like our politicians IS THE GREATEST INSULT on the thousands of us that are fighting to get a new semblance of justice and equity in this country. Sheeeesh!


Kamigoroshi said...

I hear you though. It's a sentiment that's I've reflected upon for...well...long before Malaysia is in the mess that it's in now.

Unfortunately, those in power regardless are the personification of its people. We put them there, we allow them to be there. They come from us. They are us.

Even Anonymous who so self-righteously says that comparing us to them is a blatant insult is no different than politicians blaming other people for being racist when they themselves are one.

It is in the realization that there is something wrong with us, that we begin to know what to change. It's not the heads of state that needs to change. It is in our ability to handle the responsibility that we have, let alone the nation that we have to change.

Until then, there will always be politicians that makes use of who we are. Our ignorance and stupidity is no excuse.

ducky said...

Right on brother, I would not have been able to phrase it as clear as you just had. "The realization that there is something wrong with us, that we begin to know what to change"

Ok my bad, maybe 1% of the population is somehow not corrupted. Anon I did mentioned "quantum and the impact"